Wikitude SDK Epson Moverio Release Notes

Wikitude SDK JavaScript API 6.1.0

Release Date: 28.03.2017


  • New JavaScript -> Java communication through AR.platform.sendJSONObject()
  • New AR.Model.onInitialized event. This event is called as soon as the 3d model is fully loaded in OpenGL ES
  • New compass offset API
  • New supported FrameColorSpace YV12 for input plugins
  • New plugin registration error callback that contains information why a plugin could not be registered
  • New Frame methods hasStrides() and getFrameStrides() to get stride information of frames provided by plugins


  • Trial licenses now support instant tracking
  • AR.Model.onLoaded is again called as soon as the .wt3 file is loaded (same behavior as in SDK 3.x - 5.x)
3D Encoder
  • Wikitude 3D Encoder for macOS is now properly signed


  • Fixes an issue where 2D augmentations are always drawn in front of 3D augmentations
  • Fixes broken Architect Desktop Engine (ADE.js)
  • Fixes an issue where the app was not responding when an AR.InstantTracker was destroyed and re-created
  • Fixes an issue where injecting custom locations with an altitude of 0 would lead POIs to ignore the altitude
  • Fixes an issue where translation/rotation or scale changes were not applied when the setter was called with an object that contained only zeros like drawable.translate = {x:0, y:0, z:0}
  • Fixes an issue where the deprecated AR.Drawable2d.scale property setter was not working correctly
  • Fixes an issue where the AR.TargetCollectionResource.onError is not called when no network connection is available
  • Fixes an issue where some onError callbacks were not called correctly
  • Fixes an issue where input plugins would try to render YUV NV21 frames using the YV12 color format
  • Fixes an rendering issue that occurred in case the rendering surface has a different orientation than the device
  • Fixes a plugin issue where a wrong frame size and frame color space was reported in cameraFrameAvailable when using camera2
  • Fixes a memory leak in PermissionManager

Wikitude SDK JavaScript API 6.0.1

Release Date: 15.02.2017


Wikitude SDK JavaScript API 6.0.0

Release Date: 25.01.2017


  • The new instant tracking feature allows users to place augmentations without any markers in any surrounding. Instant tracking uses Wikitudes own SLAM-based 3D engine.
  • Added advanced camera settings like HD and 60 fps camera rendering and a manual focus control (Camera 2 API)
  • Unified computer vision related class names
  • Multi-touch gestures allow the interaction with augmentations. Available touch gestures include dragging, scaling, rotation and panning.
  • Added 3D positioning for 2D augmentations
  • Added an option to enable/disable billboard behavior for AR.Drawables


  • Updated target collection format (.wtc) which improves the robustness and performance of 2D image recognition.
  • Extended tracking improved significant using the new SLAM technology
  • Behaviour of removing plugins at runtime - lifecycle callbacks are now called properly
  • Plugins now receive a call to surfaceChanged in case the device was rotated while the application was not active.
  • Calling the start function of AR.ModelAnimation in case the referenced 3D model is not loaded yet actually starts the animation as soon as the 3D model is loaded
  • Add toast output if media player activity is not declared in manifest
  • Add javadoc.jar to the Android SDK to integrate into Android Studio


  • Fixed an issue where the SDK could crash in case a lot of AR.Trackable2DObject are generated in a loop and immediately destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where the AR.Model onLoaded callback would be called although the 3D model is actually rendered for the first time in the next frame
  • Fixed an issue where the SDK was not working using multiple AR views

Wikitude SDK 5.3.1

Release Date: 24.11.2016



Wikitude SDK 5.3.0

Release Date: 13.09.2016


  • Android 7.0 Nougat support
  • New InputFrameRenderSettings options for Plugins API
  • A new include for the architect.js to prevent mixed content errors in https environments


  • Fixes an issue where AR.CloudTracker would not be able to send proper server requests
  • Fixes an issue when enabling and disabling the camera via
  • Fixes an issue when resolving relative paths inside the JS library
  • Fixes an issue where the SDK could crash if a different Architect World is loaded and the previous one used cloud tracking
  • Fixes a rare crash in the 3D Tracking engine


  • Improved memory handling of 3D models
  • Improved support for different Camera2 API implementations for Input Plugins
  • Improved and aligned behaviour of cache handling
  • isDeviceSupported now returns a more detailed list which requirements are not met

Wikitude SDK 5.2.0

Release Date: 21.07.2016

(see list of known issues)


  • Custom Calibration for Smart Glasses
  • 1:1 Calibration
  • InputPlugins allow developer to use the Wikitude SDK with an external camera feed
  • New JS API to specify a custom cloud recognition server url through AR.context
  • Support for AR.openInBrowser(url, forceNative=false)
  • Support multiple regional co-located cloud recognition services
  • 3D model import: account for pivot node transformations
  • Extended Tracking
  • Plugins API
  • Full Android Studio setup and support
  • Access to the device front cam through a JavaScript API and the native SDK
  • Hardware access API for advanced camera features (zoom, focus)
  • Native support for 64-bit ARM devices
  • Information about distance to the image target
  • Click on 3D model now returns mesh part
  • Updated sample app
  • CloudTracker for cloud recognition support
  • API changes
    • moved all initialization parameters to new class StartupConfiguration
    • renamed ARMode to Features
    • uniform naming convention of API methods on all platforms
3D Encoder
  • Option to select the type of back-face culling that should be applied when rendering the 3D model
  • different modes for grouping animations
  • mesh deformer animations take into account geometric transforms mesh transformations
  • support for shared joint nodes
  • new wt3 file format; wt3 created with Encoder 1.3 cannot be used with SDK < 5.1.3


  • Updates OpenSSL to version 1.01r
  • Memory leak when using continuous cloud recognition
  • 3D models with 'Grouping on Takes' did not consider different animation offsets
  • onError trigger not called if local assets could not be loaded
  • AR.ModelAnimation onFinish trigger not called
  • Texture settings for 3D model rendering
  • Mesh deformer animations take into account geometric transforms mesh transformations
  • CloudTracker might not load on low end devices
  • Camera and sensors could not be started or stopped from the JavaScript API
  • Tracker not created when loading multiple architect worlds consecutively
    • Crash on low end devices regarding threading
  • Continuous cloud recognition could not be stopped
  • Missing textures on certain 3D models
    • 3D model import:
      • Animation grouping
      • Account for animation stack (numbering of animations if more than one animation tracks are on the FBX animation stack)
      • Accept the first texture of a multi-textured 3d model
      • Accept 3d models with more than one mesh skins per node
  • Potential problem with 3D special effects causing crashes
  • Potential problem when calling trackable.drawables.addCamDrawable() while snapping is active
  • Wrong log messages for connection not found
  • Potential problem when clicking parts of a 3D model
  • Potential problem when 3D models are re-loaded fast
  • Potential memory increase with certain 3D models
  • Problem when at the same time addCamDrawable is called in the onExitFieldOfVision event
  • Potential problem with texture rendering when clicking a button
  • Missing QT 5 .dll's for Windows 3D Encoder
  • AR.Model onError handler now has more details about what failed
  • Loading of ClientTracker works as expected when no onLoaded trigger is set
  • Documentation clarifications and fixes
  • Updated Terms of Service
  • Potential problem when deleting large .wtc files
  • onSnappedToScreen function is not called when using the enabledOnExitFieldOfVision property
  • 3D Model with animation not clickable
  • Compatibility with Android 5.0
  • Race condition on ArchitectView startup (leading to crash) when Javascript command are issued before the main HTML is loaded.
  • Better handling of AR worlds containing more VideoDrawables.
3D Encoder
  • Fixes animations with negative start offsets
  • Fixes animations containing several takes
  • Fixes “texture not found” bug on Windows
  • Adds a new warning in case of invalid polygon indices of materials
  • Update to FBX SDK 2017, FBX version 7.5
  • Windows 3D Encoder always rendered empty scenes
  • Memory leak on screenshot creation


  • Wikitude Sample App now implements Android Runtime Permissions (applies to Android 6.0 - API level 23)
  • Newest version of 3D rendering engine
  • Performance of Image Recognition initial recognition phase
  • Tracking Performance optimized and streamlined


  • Official support for Android version lower than Android 4.0

Wikitude SDK 4.0.2

Release Date: 18.08.2014


  • Fixes an issue with flickering augmentations for certain image targets
  • Fixes an issue where the onSnappedToScreen function was not called when using the enabledOnExitFieldOfVision property

Wikitude SDK 4.0.1

Release Date: 07.08.2014


  • Fixes VideoDrawable crash related to code obfuscation when creating a Play Store application

Wikitude SDK 4.0.0

Release Date: 29.07.2014



  • A potential issue that caused rendering artefacts when objects were created outside of the current culling distance
  • Fixes a problem with wrong camera orientation
  • Fixes various problems with VideoDrawables
  • Fixes a potential issue with 3D models that were not deleted correctly from a temporary directory
  • Fixes a potential issue with 3D models that were not destroyed correctly when using the JS destroy() API
  • Transparent videos on PowerVR SGX 540 devices
  • Can load the same 3D model more than once
  • VideoDrawables crash on pause / resume
  • Load and show more than one video in a single AR world


  • Samples to reflect Snap-to-screen feature and wildcard support
  • Source code comments in sample apps

Wikitude SDK 3.2.2

Release Date 24.02.2014


  • Initial Public Release
  • Optimized version of the Wikitude SDK for Epson Moverio BT-200

Known issues

  • Design of cloud recognition sample (on-click) is misleading as button is in center and hard to reach
  • Videos tend to stutter.