Best practice for target images

This guide gives you an overview of how to create a target collection that you can use to detect and track images within your ARchitect World.


Preferred images have:

Unsuitable images have:

Optimal Image Dimensions

Low contrast images

Target image with low contrast Target image with good contrast

Distribution of textured areas

Target image with not optimal distribution Even distribution of features

Images with whitespace

Too much whitespace Image reduced to the most relevant part

Vector-based graphics

Tip: Try to add additional elements to the graphic like your logotype or any other specific elements, which can go along with your graphic.

Vector-based image Target image mixed with graphic elements

Images with a lot of text

Tip: Try to have at least some graphical material and images next to your text for your target image.

Pure text Text mixed with graphic elements

Repetitive patterns

Tip: Try a different selection of your image including non pattern parts or use images with irregular patterns

Repetitive patterns that do not track Pattern with irregular structures