Setup Guide Intel XDK


Setup and Configuration

Adding the Wikitude Cordova Plugin to an XDK Project

Note This guide is based on Intel XDK version 1878. In this version some bugs are present in the XDK IDE, and adding the plugin via UI as described in the official docs does not work.
Note At the time of writing third party plugins are not supported by the "LIVE DEVELOPMENT TASKS", please use the cloud build server to build your app, download and install the app manually.
  1. Open your HTML5 + Cordova XDK Project in Intel XDK

  2. Click on the DEVELOP tab, open the file intelxdk.config.additions.xml and add the following line:

     <intelxdk:plugin intelxdk:name="Augmented Reality - Wikitude SDK Plugin"     intelxdk:value=""/>

  3. To launch an architect world copy and adapt the following code in your project and fill-in the correct data for _sdkKey, path:

         var wikitudePlugin = cordova.require("com.wikitude.phonegap.WikitudePlugin.WikitudePlugin");
         wikitudePlugin._sdkKey = "INSERT-LICENCE-KEY-HERE";
         wikitudePlugin.isDeviceSupported(function() {
             var example = {
                 "path": "www/PATH/TO/YOUR/AR/index.html", 
                 "requiredFeatures": [
                 "startupConfiguration": {
                     "camera_position": "back"
             wikitudePlugin.loadARchitectWorld(function successFn(loadedURL) {
                 /* Respond to successful world loading if you need to */ 
             }, function errorFn(error) {
                 alert('Loading AR web view failed: ' + error);
             example.path, example.requiredFeatures, example.startupConfiguration
         }, function(errorMessage) {
             alert("Device is not supported");
         [wikitudePlugin.Feature2DTracking, wikitudePlugin.FeatureGeo]);
  4. Click on the 'BUILD' tab, upload your project, let the build server build, download and install the app manually.

Trial and commercial license

By default the Wikitude SDK comes with no valid license key. Read this chapter on how to obtain a free trial key.