Wikitude 3D Tracking

About Wikitude 3D Tracking

While the Wikitude SDK and its own integrated computer vision engine have been excelling over the past years to detect planar images, our goal was always to not stop at the 2nd dimension but extend recognition and tracking to the third dimension.

The new 3D computer vision engine included in the Wikitude SDK (Native API) can be used to recognize and track arbitrary three-dimensional objects and pieces. The 3D computer vision engine now captures and tracks the depth and distance of salient points in the live camera image. When saved as a tracking map, these points can be recognized and tracked at a later stage again.

We recommend to start to study the sample Client Recognition > 3D Tracking where we are describing how to use this feature in your augmented reality experience. The sample describes the full flow of how to record a map, save and load a map and use the updated class TrackerManager. You can read more about how to record 3D tracking maps in a separate guide and understand which objects and scene work well using the Wikitude 3D Tracking engine from our 3D Tracking Guidelines and best practices. For details on the actual classes checkout the reference.


Wikitude 3D Tracking is NOT part of the free trial license you can generate on the license page. You need to request a separate trial license using this form.

For commercial use, Wikitude 3D tracking is part of the SDK PRO family (SDK PRO, SDK PRO+ and SDK PRO+ Unlimited).

Limitations of the Wikitude 3D Tracking Beta