3D Tracking (Beta)

Recognize and track three dimensional object scenes for augmented reality.

First 3D Tracking now part of the Wikitude SDK

The Wikitude 3D tracking engine is a new part of the computer vision engine built by Wikitude. This new feature enables you to recognize and track arbitrary three-dimensional object scenes and to augment them using the Wikitude SDK.

Feature Overview

  • Recognize and track arbitrary three dimensional scenes, objects and shapes
  • Available for Android and iOS (upon request)
  • Integrated into Wikitude SDK – Native API
  • In closed BETA

3D Tracking – the next step in augmented reality

Moving beyond flat images as augmentable targets opens up an entire new field for augmented reality applications.

After mastering tracking and augmentations on 2D surfaces, which has been part of the Wikitude technology toolkit for a couple of years already, the Wikitude SDK is now able to track 3D environments for the first time. 3D tracking technology is intrinsically much more complex as algorithms must be optimized for a variety of use cases and different conditions. With our BETA, developers will be able to map areas and objects of a rather small scale and place 3D content into the scene. Our R&D team is working day and night to expand this capability, more to be released soon.