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Class ActionRange - extends ActionArea

An ActionRange defines a circle around a certain Location. Events are fired as soon as the user enters or leaves this circle.

var location1 = new AR.GeoLocation(47.77317, 13.069929);
var actionRange = new AR.ActionRange(location1, 500);
var location2 = new AR.GeoLocation(48.77317, 13.069929);
var inArea = actionRange.isInArea(location1); //inArea = true
var inArea = actionRange.isInArea(location2); //inArea = false
On creation, setup parameters can be passed to customize the properties of the ImageDrawable.

var actionRange2 = new AR.ActionRange(location1, 500, {
onEnter : function() {
actionRange2.enabled = false; //an ActionArea which can only be entered once


ActionRange ( location , radius , options )
location <Location> a single Location defining the center point of the circle.
radius <float> the radius of the ActionRange in meters.
options <object> Setup-Parameters to customize additional object properties.

Accepted options-properties are
  • enabled
  • onEnter
  • onExit


geoLocation - GeoLocation

Deprecated: Use location instead.

location - Location

The Location object which defines the center of the ActionRange

radius - float

The radius of the ActionRange, in SDUs.

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