Upgrading targets for SDK 4.1

The Wikitude SDK 4.1 introduces an updated format for the target collection. The new format improves the recognition phase considerably. The updated format is not backward compatible with Wikitude SDK 3.x, 4.0 and can not be used in projects using Wikitude SDK 3.x or Wikitude SDK 4.0.

However you can use wtc-3.x and wtc-4.0 formats with the Wikitude SDK 4.1, although we strongly recommend to updated to the newest (wtc-4.1) version.

Support for wtc-3.x and wtc-4.0 is deprecated and will be not supported in Wikitude SDK 5.0 (later 2015).

To use the new format you need to re-create your target collection in the target manager and download the .wtc file under the Download 4.1 link. Put this .wtc file in your app and replace the previous one.

It is not possible to use a wtc 4.1 file together with Wikitude SDK 3.x or Wikitude SDK 4.0. Please download the respective wtc versions from the target manager and use them.

Wikitude SDK 3.x Wikitude SDK 4.0 Wikitude SDK 4.1
wtc 3.x supported supported supported
wtc 4.0 not supported supported supported
wtc 4.1 not supported not supported supported

Migrating targets from SDK 1.x

If you have been using a dataset from the Qualcomm Vuforia target management, please follow these steps to convert your ARchitect World to the new approach:

  1. Create a new project with the Wikitude target management tool and upload your targets (see instructions above)
  2. Create a target collection and store it in the same location as the previously used dataset
  3. In your ARchitect World, update the AR.ClientTracker initialization to point to the URL of your new target collection