March 5, 2013

Zalando scans fashion with Wikitude augmented reality at 83rd annual Geneva Motor Show

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently partnered with the European online fashion retailer Zalando and the automotive design and concept firm Rinspeed, to produce an augmented reality dashboard component featured at the 83rd annual Geneva Motor Show. “As an innovative eCommerce company, mobile commerce is not just a thing of the future for us – our Zalando app already enables customers to place orders from their smartphones. With our fashion concept car, we are going one step further and expressing our vision of mobile shopping development over the next 5 years, when customers can place orders from their car as easily as from their sofa using their iPad,’ explained Christian Meermann, Chief Marketing Officer at Zalando. ZalandoFashionConceptCar_(c)FrankHerzog (11)Recognizing and trusting Wikitude’s industry leading technology, Zalando provides visitors with an augmented reality component in their Rinspeed concept car. The concept auto features a duo of iPad minis attached to the internal vanity mirrors that incorporate a forward thinking augmented reality display. These iPad minis feature a customized version of Wikitude tailored specifically to Zalando’s specifications. The augmented reality display is aimed at various fashion forms that feature clothing and accessories available at Attendees of the 83rd Geneva Motor Show may explore the Rinspeed concept car and test Wikitude’s features for themselves. “The future is our focus and we believe mobile shopping is a part of this. Through connectivity and innovative technology, what is impossible today will soon be possible,” stated Rinspeed CEO Frank M Rinderknecht. ZalandoFashionConceptCar_JohannaKlum(3)_(c)FrankHerzogUtilizing Wikitude’s computer vision technology, the display will recognize the Zalando clothing and accessories as triggers, and launch an interactive display for users to further explore the apparel. Using GPS the package is delivered automatically to the integrated package station in the boot. The outfits can then be tried on in the mobile changing rooms and the Fashion Box has plenty of room for your favourite outfits. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Zalando car without a signature ‘scream of joy’ horn to grab attention. While fashion forms are in use at the Geneva Motor Show, the customized Wikitude app is also able to recognize similar clothing and accessories on printed billboards, posters, displays, etc. The Zalando – Rinspeed – Wikitude concept car is located at stand 6240 and has been created to provide real-world working concepts about what the future of the automobile might hold. “We were thrilled when Zalando first approached us to develop this innovative concept and vision with them,” said Andy Gstoll, CMO at Wikitude. “The combination of mobility, connectivity and augmented reality has the potential of changing the way we will shop for fashion in the future.” Read the official Zalando press release in German here.

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