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Wikitude’s 3D recognition in a large scale outdoor environment

As announced at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year Wikitude has included Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) technology into our product lineup. This is a tremendous step forward, both for our technology proposition as well as more creative and additionally powerful use cases available to you. Today we would like to share a demo video showing an “outside and wide area” scenario. Here, we’re augmenting a 3D model of a church steeple as seen before World War II. After the steeples had been destroyed during the war, they were never rebuilt to their original design due to lack of funds for restoration. Wikitude’s 3D recognition and tracking makes it possible to place the digital steeple exactly where it originally was, providing you with an experience as close as possible to what it was like before the World War. [responsive_vid] Please excuse the reflections you see on the tablet’s screen in the video, we did not want to modify or enhance the video in post production as this is meant to be an authentic technology demo without any cuts of the footage. We hope by sharing this video with you, we will inspire you for your own future AR projects and apps. If you are interested in receiving updates on our 3D recognition and tracking, stay up to date with our latest developments by subscribing to our newsletter.
2 Responses
  1. Shen Heng says:

    Hi, How do you author the environment into data to be used for tracking e.g. Metaio had a SLAM app to “record” the scene and build the SLAM points which could be brought into Creator to insert 3D objects. Thanks.

  2. Paula Monteiro says:

    Hi Shen!
    Thanks for your question. I believe you are in contact with our team per email, correct?
    If you need anything we’re happy to help via info[at]wikitude.com