June 18, 2013

Available now! Wikitude Studio – Create, Publish and Manage your AR app

The Wikitude Studio We announced the Wikitude Studio at the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, CA a couple of weeks back, and are proud to release it today to the public! The Wikitude Studio Interface The all-new Wikitude Studio is the world’s easiest web based augmented reality creation tool that allows users to create, publish, and manage powerful augmented reality experiences. Building upon Wikitude’s “ease-of-use” philosophy, we’re proud to bring you a drag-and-drop creation tool that can be used to make print media, billboards, brochures, packaging, apparel, and more come to life. The Wikitude SDK has always been built upon programming languages that developers are already familiar with – HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. With the Wikitude Studio, we’ve taken all the coding out of the equation and created a graphic interface that’s easy to learn, and even easier to use. In fact, in our beta testing, one particular tester set a record time of 4 minutes and 12 seconds in creating an image recognition app. We’re pretty sure caffeine had something to do with this. With the Wikitude Studio’s interface, users can create and manage augmented reality projects via the cloud, anywhere, anytime. These projects allow for the triggering of text, images, social media content, audio, video, and 3D modeling and animations. Everything that you could ask for in an augmented reality experience creation tool! Directly tied to the newly released Wikitude SDK 3.0, the Wikitude Studio is the ideal solution to manage and maintain your augmented reality app. With the Wikitude Studio, images and content can quickly and easily be changed over time and instantly pushed to update an app. Got a special running and want to feature it within your app? Simply drag-and-drop new content associated with an image trigger, and this info is available to consumers within seconds.
As you can see in the video above, the Wikitude Studio is a game changer for any developer or agency looking for an easy to use and manage augmented reality creation solution. With geo-based technology, image recognition and tracking functionality, and 3D modeling and animation support, Wikitude is your one stop shop for creating any and every augmented reality experience. The Wikitude Studio is now available to all directly at studio.wikitude.com. Log in, and get started with the easiest augmented reality creation tool on the market today.

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