May 16, 2012

See Wikitude’s ‘AR window’ live on a mobile web page

More than three years ago, in October of 2008, Wikitude was the world’s very first Augmented Reality (AR) Browser. At the time Wikitude’s founder Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis pioneered the AR apps space as the Google G1 entered the market providing access to the required sensors like digital compass, GPS and accelerometer – the three basic components necessary to enable AR on a smartphone – for the very first time. A new era is about to begin as Wikitude is now bringing AR to the web. The Wikitude lab has created an AR solution called “AR window”, which enables any mobile webpage to include Augmented Reality. From now on mobile web pages will be able to open up the camera view of its smartphone to view the live video stream with additional augmented content on top of it. This means that the immersive experience of connecting the real world with computer generated content from the internet is now brought to a much grander stage: the world wide web. “The opportunity of AR on the web is enormous. While AR has been limited to app users only up until today, AR can now be integrated in millions of mobile websites out there allowing users to interact directly with the real world while browsing the web. Our team is always trying to develop on the edge of what’s technologically possible and with our ‘AR window for the web’, we have the feeling we are onto something big here again”, says Martin Lechner, Wikitude’s CTO. Screenshots of the AR window integration are available on Flickr.

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