WorkLink Remote Assistance: Scope AR tool for enterprises

WorkLink Remote Assistance: Scope AR tool for enterprises

WorkLink Remote Assistance, the live support video calling platform developed by Scope AR, allows enterprises to enhance their maintenance practices by providing an efficiency-boosting, time-saving solution. This powerful AR remote assistance tool relies on Wikitude’s markerless tracking technology.

by Wikitude Premium Partner Scope AR

Editor’s note: this post has been updated in September 2020 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Markerless tracking is one of the major hurdles AR has been facing before becoming more accessible for enterprise and industrial use. We're excited to collaborate with the leading innovator for markerless tracking, Wikitude, to bring this to life for our users. With WorkLink latest updates, users can have the benefits of markerless tracking on standard devices, making it even easier to implement AR for their specific uses.
Scott Montgomerie | CEO and co-founder | Scope AR

Global pandemic made enterprises worldwide rethink the way they approach remote assistance and support and accelerated the adoption of digital technologies. Scope AR has been pioneering in delivering enterprise-grade AR software that helps bring the entire organization up-to-date and connects field workers with experts to enable collaboration directly on to an object.
Scope AR’s well known remote assistance application incorporated Wikitude’s augmented reality technology to provide the next generation of WorkLink Remote Assistance: markerless tracking for real-world mapping and annotation.
WorkLink allows front-line employees to connect with a specialist and troubleshoot an ongoing issue in real-time.
Field technicians and experts can use WorkLink Remote Assistance functionality by connecting via live video streaming and using voice, 3D animation, screen sharing, white boarding, and world-locked annotations to optimize the collaboration.
Users have the ability to manipulate augmented content and add annotations (draw, highlight, place arrows, share text bubbles, etc.) directly on the screen to give precise instructions that will remain in place on top of real-world objects during live video stream – directly in the technician’s field of view.
Whether the focus is maintenance, live support, or assembly – this tool is a powerful solution for enterprises to share expertise, maximize collaboration, decrease resolution time, minimize downtime, reduce truck rolls, increase service revenues, maximize customer satisfaction, cut travel costs, scale expertise, and more.
By incorporating Wikitude’s effective AR tracking technology (SLAM), WorkLink Remote Assistance became the first application to make markerless tracking available through software capability. Instead of being tied to built-in hardware specifics, customers use the device of choice to allow field technicians to be fully integrated with the surrounding workspace without having to break the workflow process during important maintenance and repair operations.