Urban AR Mural

Freedom Wall urban AR in NY gives voices to the civil rights leaders

During the Black History month, urban murals on the Freedom Wall in Buffalo, NY were brought to life using AR


Twisted Rope is a full-service creative digital agency with locations in NY, LA, and Amsterdam, that helps brands put their best foot forward in an ever-changing marketing landscape. The team specializes in AR / VR, motion graphics, animation, website design, UX/UI. The agency has a strong background in Image Tracking AR and Geo-based AR, as well as animated and non-animated effects.


    • Enliven urban landscape & bring awareness to the social cause
To bring the black voices from America’s past and present into the spotlight and encourage passers-by to actively engage with city landscape, Twisted Rope added augmented reality experiences to 5 portraits on the Freedom Wall concrete murals. The guerilla campaign aimed to bring a new twist to the urban structure by incorporating interactive digital content, open for everyone to explore and engage.


    • Tracking enhanced storytelling
AR app: AReveryware [ Google PlayApp Store ] By activating the Image Tracking feature on their mobile devices, New Yorkers could see Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Angela Davis come to life. Urban citizens were not only provided the opportunity to learn more about the outstanding civil rights activists but could also get more comfortable using AR technology in everyday life. New AR experiences gave an extra dimension to murals, boosting the audience’s interest for stories told through augmented reality.


    • AReveryware
AReveryware is a platform that provides brands with augmented reality and custom experiences to leverage their marketing actions and boost consumer engagement.


This AR feature is used to detect, track and layer digital content on 2D images. Ideal for augmenting customized image targets, printed materials, user manuals, packaging, catalogs, coasters, gaming cards and much more.

Why Wikitude ?

Leveraging the Wikitude SDK has enabled AReveryware to deliver engaging experiences. The precision of the Wikitude SDK was critical in producing a robust AR solution with superb tracking accuracy.
Jon Astrop | CTO | Twisted Rope

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