Trentino 2013 Fiemme Nordic Ski Championships

Trentino 2013 Fiemme Nordic Ski Championships

Interplay Software S.r.l. proudly used Wikitude Augmented Reality technology to power their Android and iOS device app that guided visitors during their visit of the cross-country stadium of Lago di Tesero. With this custom app, Interplay Software S.r.l. put a virtual guide in the pockets of every event attendee, and ensured that they were never lost.

by Interplay Software S.r.l.

The use of HTML5 and Javascript in an AR world is a great feature which enables many other scenarios… we like it!
Stefano Scotton | Interplay Software S.r.l.

The app also provided precise locations of, and directions to the main facilities of the event – restaurants, bars, info points, etc. in a consistent and easy-to-understand way. With this app, Interplay Software S.l.r. saved sporting fans plenty of precious time viewing their favorite events, instead of searching the internet or asking for not-always-reliable directions.Having provided the Fiemme organization with web browser based maping technology, Interplay Software S.r.l. proposed the forward thinking solution of incorporating an Augmented Reality component into a mobile app. Utilizing Wikitude’s HTML5, CSS, and Javascript ease-of-use SDK, Interplay Software S.r.l. included the Augmented Reality technology into the original draft of the app.

The thinking behind the app was that the main facilities were available to visitors on a highly detailed map within a browser, but the information about these facilities was fairly scant. With the mobile app, Interplay Software S.r.l. now had the opportunity to use Wikitude’s technology to expand upon the available information and include geo-referenced data that could easily guide visitors to their selected facilities and races. Additionally, Interplay Software S.r.l. took advantage of Wikitude’ Image Recognition technology to allow users to “Discover” official videos published by Fiemme 2013 by pointing their mobile device at any Fiemme 2013 logo.

To speed up development even further, Interplay Software slr used a cross-platform approach via the Titanium plugin. The firm reports that they ran into a slight problem when creating a Titanium modul to be used within the titanium environment, but that Wikitude’s support team greatly aided in solving this issue, and had the team up and running in minimal time.

The Fiemme FIS Nordic World Ski Championships organization has been extremely happy with the app, particularly the Augmented Reality component according to Interplay Software S.r.l.. They report that Fiemme has already requested an accompanying app for the 2014 season, with an even heavier focus on utilizing the Augmented Reality features.


  • Event attendees save time and receive more information about the venue and it's facilities
  • Use AR technology, integrated with GPS location module

Applied Technology

  • Wikitude SDK
  • Architect Engine
  • Image Drawables
  • GeoObjects
  • Radar Element

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