Porsche Leipzig

Porsche Leipzig

Porsche’s new app aims one thing: creating emotions. With augmented reality, the company redesigned the entire Porsche Leipzig “behind the production” experience for visitors. Porsche Leipzig became much more than a production facility of iconic models, it turned into a space where people can experience cutting-edge technology with an adrenaline rush. Powered by Wikitude, the app includes amazing features such as augmented reality, 360° videos, Bluetooth Smart Technology and more.

by APPSfactory

We are very happy to get Wikitude as a partner. The SDK helped us to build real augmented reality experience into Porsche Leipzig App. The team was very supporting and helpful with all the questions we had.
Dr. Rolf Kluge | CTO - APPSfactory GmbH

Porsche Leipzig is much more than a production facility, it’s a place where visitors can have direct contact with the world’s most iconic sports cars such as Cayenne, Panamera and Macan. Powered by Wikitude’s SDK, the Porsche Leipzig app can make experiences even more fascinating with augmented reality, 360 ° videos, Bluetooth Smart Technology and more.

Augmented Reality takes part throughout the whole experience at Porsche Leipzig, whether you’re collecting your new car, touring the factory, taking part in an exhilarating driver training or attending an event at the facility. Before the visit, the app provides an insight of one of the world’s most modern automotive plants facility. The interactive brochure displays exciting videos and breathtaking pictures using Wikitude’s image recognition and tracking technology. It also allows visitors to experience the on-road circuit or off-road track before they even approach the starting line with the animated curve drive-throughs and 360° videos. At the venue, the app helps users to keep track of their stopping points in the Customer Center, have a co-pilot drive video recorded and obtain further information on a particular model in the museum when you approach it (e.g. historical videos). The AR mode can also be used for exploring concept studies and historical vehicles in the digital vehicle exhibit. A special license plate scanner feature was developed thanks to Wikitude’s Plugins API and Anyline’s OCR technology, this way users can scan the license plate of vehicles and find out what is under the hood at the Porsche Leipzig’s Pit lane. The app is the ideal accompaniment for Porsche Leipzig visitors. Make your experience even more fascinating by downloading Porsche Leipzig app for Android or iOS. 


  • Guiding app for Porsche Leipzig visitors
  • Interactive AR brochure and license plate scnaning feature
  • Innovative Features: 360 ° video, augmented reality and Bluetooth Smart Technology

Applied Technology

  • Wikitude SDK
  • Image Recognition and Tracking
  • Wikitude Plugins API

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