paysafecard App with “New Dimension” – augmented reality function 360° paysafecard

The augmented reality function 360° paysafecard – powered by the Wikitude SDK – shows the user sales outlets that are close to their current location. Finding the nearest outlet is easier than ever before. In addition to the convenience of this feature, the app also adds an element of fun with its interactive search function.

by Wertkarten AG

In addition to the augmented reality function 360° paysafecard, the app offers many other innovative features such as the practical charging function via QR code and mobile access to the online account ‘my paysafecard’. With the paysafecard app, users are always well informed about the latest news, promotions, competitions and much more. Helpful tips on how to use paysafecard are also available free of charge.
Udo Müller | CEO Wertkarten AG

The outstanding display of 360° paysafecard allows customers to find the next point of sale in an intuitive way. As a modern communication platform, the paysafecard app allows users to rate sales outlets straight away, thereby letting other users know where purchasing a paysafecard is particularly easy and convenient.Today’s consumers need quick and easy access to their financial data no matter where they are. With paysafecard’s primary consumer base comprised of young customers who are used to using the prepaid solution just like a prepaid mobile phone card, a world class app is even more important.


Paying for goods and services with paysafecard isn’t simply a method of spending, it’s a lifestyle for those who value their data security and for customers who simply wish to limit their spending. This means that they need instant access to paysafecard sales outlets around them where they can buy paysafecard.
Turning to Wikitude’s award winning augmented reality technology, paysafecard takes advantage of our location based services functionality to quickly and accurately direct their customers to the nearest partner outlets around them. Users may either enter their location, or let the app determine it for them. Presented through an augmented reality view, users can then visualize shops around them, and also see detailed information about various services offered at each shop. Once selected, the paysafecard app can then provide step by step directions to the selected location.


  • Consumers have instant access to the nearest sales outlet around them and can be directed to store front locations.
  • Innovative use of GPS and AR technology.

Applied Technology

  • Wikitude SDK
  • Architect Engine
  • Geo-objects
  • Radar Element

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