Motorex 15.000 Guests For An Interactive Factory Tour

Motorex Gathers 15.000 Guests For An Interactive Factory Tour

To commemorate its 100th anniversary, Motorex, the family-owned and largest lubricant manufacturer in Switzerland, invited thousands of guests for an interactive AR factory tour and celebration. To make the reunion even more meaningful, they used augmented reality technology to attach digital content throughout the factory grounds.

By Augmara

At a major event with over 15.000 people, we have to be absolutely certain that the technology works perfectly. By choosing Wikitude as our partner and the Wikitude SDK for Image Recognition, we made the right choice.
Jessica Huber | Online Marketing Manager | Augmara Technologies GmbH

In 2017 Motorex completed its 100th year in business. The world-renowned oil experts that currently have a presence in 85 countries started as a small family business in Switzerland. Now, the Motorex-Bucher group has 350 employees and generates 150 million Swiss Francs in revenue with its 2,500 products – half of it internationally. On the occasion of the company’s centenary anniversary, Motorex invited guests to celebrate with them. 15,000 guests turned up and were able to experience an interactive factory tour enhanced with augmented reality. The Motorex AR tour was designed to include many interactive stations that were enriched with hidden digital content. Visitors’ feedback has been incredible on this exclusive commemorative tour. The project was created with the Augmara CMS and App. To access the AR content, guests needed to download the Augmara – Augmented Reality app for either iOS or Android and explore the factory grounds to scan the AR stations spread throughout the compound. Wikitude Image Recognition technology was the feature of choice to enable the AR experiences. The initiative was a great way to present information in an innovative and entertaining manner and received a lot of positive feedback from attending guests.


  • Wikitude SDK
  • Image Recognition and Tracking
  • Cross-platform Application

Applied Technology:

  • Scannable stations
  • Image recognition technology triggers video clips
  • Knowledge transfer and entertainment through AR

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