Dinosaurs invading The St. Louis Science Center

Dinosaurs invading The St. Louis Science Center

On Saturday July 18th, 2015, MindActive was invited to exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center, for the Bright Ideas Expo.

MindActive developed an augmented reality app incorporating virtual dinosaurs and a jungle environment to delight visitors and especially kids. Over 350 photos were uploaded to for the participants to view, print or download.

by MindActive

The event attracted over 4000 people and judging by the lines that quickly formed to try out the app, the power of Wikitude's augmented reality technology became eminently clear.
Bright Ideas Expo | MindActive

How it works

From the visitors perspective they see a forest background or photo backdrop. When we focus our iPad on the subject, the forest scene “triggers” the dinosaurs to appear and the visitor is now immersed in the world of augmented reality.

When the scene is set, the dinosaurs are triggered to appear – we capture the photo. As an additional attraction, we mirror the iPad to a screen and let the audience see the process. Props were provided for our “actors”.


  • Wikitude running on iPads
  • 4000 visitors attended the one day event
  • Over 350 photos uploaded
  • Free for all – to promote science and creativity

Applied Technology

  • Wikitude SDK
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • Multiple image layers
  • Capture screen feature
  • Screen Share

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