MThe Lenz - Gorillaz AR app by Telekom

The Lenz – Gorillaz AR app by Telekom

Telekom Electronic Beats partnered up with the Gorillaz to create a new dimension in music. The Lenz app transforms magenta surfaces into digital portals which display exclusive Gorillaz content.

By Deutsche Telekom AG

Innovative new AR applications such as the App allow us to blend one dimension with another to create something entirely new and never seen before, allowing fans to experience a level of depth and discovery previously unimaginable.
Wolfgang Kampbartold, VP of International Marketing Communication | Deutsche Telekom

Telekom Electronic Beats, known for creating music experiences via a diverse range of channels, joined forces with the Gorillaz and created The Lenz – an AR app that innovatively brings the digital world to life.

The app allows users to point their cameras at any magenta surface to see an awesome augmented reality revelation. The Lenz transforms magenta surfaces into entertainment screens that show cool Gorillaz content. Viewers can enjoy videos and graphics in the most unexpected ways and places. Additionally, the augmented content can be saved in photo format and shared on social media. Apart from allowing users to experience a whole new dimension of the band, fans get to be closer than ever before by taking a virtual look inside the Gorillaz house – home to band members Murdoc Niccals, Russel Hobbs, 2D and Noodle. This clever marketing campaign used the color of the Telekom brand, magenta, as the AR target. In other words, they transformed the color itself into a digital entertainment channel that successfully engaged their users. And, to make sure the virtual media channel would reach a greater audience they paired with the Gorillaz, the world’s biggest virtual band. The Lenz app can be download, free of cost, on the Google Play Store and on the App Store.

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