Mobile phone and tablet displaying Augmented Reality advertising via a floating zeppelin in IQ mobile app

IQ mobile – in cam AR ads

Using in-cam Augmented Reality advertising, the Austrian agency IQ mobile, specialized in innovative mobile advertising and marketing concepts, were the first to integrate the method into their portfolio. The advertising campaign for an Austrian mobile operator contained standard mobile best practices and the new innovative in-cam Augmented Reality advertising via a floating zeppelin.

by IQ mobile GmbH

The rich media formats which can be found in the augmented reality app Wikitude, enables companies to directly address their target groups in a very specific and interactive way. Wikitude users are especially tech-savy and campaigns run and displayed in Wikitude increase brand awareness and a click.through rate in the double digit percent range can be achieved.
Harald Winkelhofer, 2012 | CEO, IQ mobile GmbH

AR in-cam advertising
With the launch of Wikitude’s novel ARchitect engine in the Wikitude World Browser, advertisers are now presented with a new and innovative way to reach their target audience. The flexibility of the AR engine allowed for new interactive user interface elements to be included into the Augmented Reality view. As a start Wikitude created three different interactive ad formats to be shown in the live feed of the camera, when opening a Wikitude World. Advertisers can select from a zeppelin carrying a banner, an airplane pulling a banner and a painted balloon. All three options involve the airship moving through the AR scene.

Mobile advertising redefined Although the actual ad format has been retained from classical mobile ad banner campaigns, the in-cam Augmented Reality advertising showed some extraordinary results. Where click-through rates for classic mobile banner ads are usually in the low single digits, the in-cam AR ad showed click-through rates of 20% and more constantly during the campaign.


  • First AR in-cam ad campaign
  • Standard MMA banner size for easy integration
  • Fully targetable
  • High click rate

Applied Technology

  • ARchitect engine
  • Animations
  • Click Trigger
  • FOV Trigger
  • Image Drawables

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