Geneva Motor Show with Zalando and Rinspeed

The Geneva Motor Show with Zalando and Rinspeed

Wikitude partnered with international online fashion retailer Zalando and concept car firm Rinspeed to produce a unique augmented reality component. Visitors to the 83rd annual Geneva Motor Show were treated to the future of mobile shopping through a Wikitude powered augmented reality display mounted inside Rinspeed’s concept car.

by Zalando and Rinspeed

“As an innovative eCommerce company, mobile commerce is not just a thing of the future for us. With our fashion concept car, we are going one step further, expressing our vision of mobile shopping development over the next 5 years. With Wikitude’s leading augmented reality technology, we are already able to execute and present this vision today.”
Christian Meermann, CMO | Zalando

Zalando had a vision to present their forward thinking in the eCommerce space at the Geneva Motor Show, they realized that an Augmented Reality component was essential. As leaders in the space, selecting Wikitude to help shape and execute their vision was an easy choice for the fashion retailer.

During initial talks, Zalando presented us with what and how they wanted to present their ideas. Wikitude provided the technical know-how and insight as to what could be done, and how to best present their message.

Working closely with our in-house team of developers and Rinspeed, the Zalando concept car began to take shape. Using a series of models and fashion provided by Zalando, our developers set about to create a customized version of Wikitude that incorporated both our GPS geo-positioning technology as well as image recognition features.

While developing this augmented reality display, we were also in close contact with Rinspeed, agreeing on the display type to be used, and exact placement within the concept car. This placement was crucial, to both Rinspeed and Wikitude, as we wanted to ensure that users received the optimal experience, and could easily view the augmented reality display from a seated position within the car.

Upon unveiling the concept car a the Geneva Motor Show, the response from both the press and attendees was nothing short of astounding. Our CMO, Andy Gstoll received numerous requests for interviews, including an interview with German cable network Pro7’s Johanna Klum. A number of international media outlets covered the car, with a heavy influence on Wikitude providing another innovative platform for augmented reality. Adding to the smartphone, tablet, cameras, and wearable displays, sectors, the inclusion of augmented reality within the automobile provides yet another example of what is possible with Wikitude’s augmented reality technology.

The customized version of Wikitude was built in house using our own SDK.


  • Zalando is pushing the boundaries of mobile shopping with Wikitude powered Augmented Reality
  • Using Image Recognition and tracking

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