Gamereactor AR

Gamereactor AR

The free AR Gamereactor app brings their “Watch Dogs” magazine to life. By scanning selected pages you get to see exclusive content like 3D scenes, images, videos, interviews and more.

by Gamereactor

The Wikitude SDK gave us exactly what our gamers expect: a high performance augmented reality engine!
Claus Reichel | CEO, Gamereactor

Download the free Gamereactor Augmented Reality (AR) app and enjoy of exclusive content like 3D scenes, images, videos, interviews… All of this… and more, with Wikitude Studio. Get started today!


  • Gamers can scan the Gamereactor magazine to see it come to life!
  • Additional value to static print by adding multimedia content
  • Building the bridge between print and the internet.

Applied Technology

  • Wikitude SDK
  • Image recognition and tracking
  • Videos overlays aka video drawables

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