Dino Mundi augmented reality

Dino Mundi augmented reality battle

To promote the Dino Mundi Ultimate AR Battle app exhibitors are giving away dinosaur stickers, which trigger interactive AR experiences, to GAME XP 2018 attendees. The users that make the most DINO MUNDI app interactions will be rewarded with awesome AR prizes.

By Immplay

"The quality of Wikitude's image tracking is unbeatable. Their multiple target recognition was crucial for the success of our Dino Mundi card game. We're excited to launch this and many more projects powered by Wikitude."
Marco Carvalho | CEO | Immplay

GAME XP is a new Game Park concept that unites exposition grounds, a convention center, and an amusement park all in one place. The 3-day event (06-09-Sep, 2018) is being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is offering attendees a chance to experience “a new way to live games on and off the screens”. The event has been developed to please the public, be it gamer or not, of all ages, generations, and styles: E-Sports such as League of Legends and Hearthstone, unpublished games, free plays, technology, innovation, cosplayers, and more! The developers from Immplay, who are also exhibitors at the event, created the Dino Mundi Ultimate AR Battle app for the DINO MUNDI toy line. The app powered by Wikitude makes “dinosaurs come to life through augmented reality”. After installing the app, users can point their devices to any DINO MUNDI product (toys, shirts, shoes, cards etc.) to start the augmented interaction. Gamers can hatch, feed, and even put their augmented dinosaurs to battle. To successfully promote the app, enhance the visitor experience and promote gaming interaction, Immplay is distributing 50 thousand AR dinosaurs stickers at GAME XP and give out rewards to those who make the most interactions. In other words, attendees that wish to receive cool DINO MUNDI AR T-shirts, need to augment their DINO stickers and put them into battle on-site. As a fast-growing technology inside (and out) of the gaming industry, augmented reality is a great part of the awesome alternative gaming experiences that can be found at GAME XP 2018. If you did not get a chance to attend, the app is available for download, free of charge, at Google Play and the App Store. Free printable dinosaur sample cards are available to try the game.

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