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Coupies and Wikitude put savings in your pocket with location based coupons. Never miss a deal again!

by Coupies

As an innovation driver, it was clear to us that we needed to use Augmented Reality in mobile-couponing. Wikitude was the ideal partner for us to realize our Augmented Reality ambitions with an international reach, broad network and high performance!
Felix Schul, 2012 | Founder and Chief Executive Officer, COUPIES
Coupies and Wikitude

Mobile Coupons through Augmented RealityThrough their innovative use of Augmented Reality technology, Coupies has been able to provide users with location based, up-to-the-minute savings. Instead of having to open a browser window and manually searching for offers around them, Coupies and Wikitude have dramatically reduced this barrier by providing a live view of a user’s surrounding overlaid with geotagged content. All content within Coupie’s database of offers includes specific geographic information about the offer, thus making the transition to an Augmented Reality view very easy for developers.

In addition to providing an Augmented Reality view, the Coupies world within Wikitude provides users with a brief description of the coupon, as well as full contact details of the provider as well as a link to the merchant’s website and/or specific offer. As with all Wikitude worlds, users may simply tap on the “bring me there” icon to provide turn-by-turn directions to the establishment.

To kick off their Augmented Reality feature set, Coupies ran a campaign with NIVEA FOR MEN and Garnier in Germany. Utilizing Wikitude’s GPS location feature, Coupies was able to present smart consumers with a targeted, location based and relevant savings offer. Users could then redeem this special offer immediately thanks to the Wikitude powered Coupies coupon.

Coupies and Nivea


  • Deliver targeted, relevant messaging to consumers
  • Provide up-to-the-minute offers and information
  • Provide consumers with a 21st century solution

Applied Technology

  • ARchitect Engine
  • Animations
  • Click Trigger
  • Image Drawables

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