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Nestled in the heart of beautiful Salzburg, Austria is Julian Pothast’s Boardshop, the area’s leading retailer of adventure sporting gear. Always at the forefront of what’s hot, Julian discovered Wikitude’s powerful augmented reality technology, and sought a way to make his products and store more interactive.


We were amazed by how easy it was to set up these augmented reality experiences in our store. As we are not programmers, we are loving the simple drag and drop user interface of Wikitude Studio. If my brother and I can do it, you can do it, too.
Julian Pothast | Founder -

While he’s created a local retail mecca, Julian is by no means a programmer, and looked for a simple but effective solution that could put his business on the AR map in as little time as possible. Enter, Wikitude Studio.

With Wikitude Studio, Julian was able to create interactive AR experiences for his retail store shoppers in a matter of a few hours, and saved a bundle by bypassing expensive programmer fees. Likewise, by publishing his creation within the free Wikitude app, he’s saved on the cost of a dedicated app, and has made his content available to millions of Wikitude users from around the planet. Once customers open Wikitude, all the have to do is search “Boardshop” from the power search, and they’re instantly connected.

He’s now advertising in print media, and connecting the ad to his website, as well as providing pinpoint directions to his physical retail location. Products are augmented with additional product information, and Joe, his augmented sales assistant, provides up-to-date information about products around him.


  • Salzburg's first and only interactive retail shop.
  • Quick and easy creation of a powerful augmented reality experience.
  • Foot traffic has increased by 17% since launching the service

Applied Technology

  • Wikitude Studio
  • Image Recognition

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