Blackberry Messenger in AR

Blackberry Messenger in AR

One of the largest manufacturers and distributors of smartphone technology on the planet, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry services are available in 91 countries on over 500 mobile service operators. Currently, BlackBerry Messenger is enjoyed by over 55 million users around the globe.

by Research In Motion

Augmented Reality applications have gained a lot of exposure and interest in the market, and Wikitude has done an amazing job of bringing AR to mobile.
Martin Mallick, 2012 | Vice President Global Alliances and Business Development, Research In Motion

BlackBerry Messenger – BBM
One of BlackBerry’s most popular features is it’s BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger service. Developed by RIM for use exclusively on BlackBerry devices, the BBM service provides an Internet based messaging system for either one-to-one conversations, or group settings where multiple parties can participate in a discussion.

In order to make contact with another BBM user, a BlackBerry PIN or specific QR code must be entered or scanned to request a connection. Many open and social users publicly display either their PIN or QR code, all in the name of making new friends via the service.

An Augmented Experience
Already working closely with Wikitude, RIM struck upon the idea of offering BBM users the option of literally seeing where their BBM contacts are through an Augmented Reality view.

Once a new contact is added via the BBM service, any user can quickly find another BBM contact via the Wikitude browser. Simply open the BBM world via Wikitude, and all a users’ fellow BBM contacts are displayed using that users’ specific geocoordinates in an Augmented Reality view.

Connections and Privacy
When it comes to privacy, BlackBerry takes this topic very seriously. In addition to their encrypted messaging service, all BBM users have three levels of privacy: invisible, visible only to contacts, and public. At any given time, any BBM user can switch between these three options. By default, the Wikitude browser is disconnected from the BBM service, thus ensuring privacy. To use the Wikitude in conjunction with their BBM service, users must connect the two and then select their privacy level.

The Wikitude BBM service allows users to add and be added by any number of fellow BBM users that may never have otherwise happened. Users are always in control of which contact requests they accept, level of visibility, and the ability to delete and/or block a contact.
By adding an Augmented reality component to their BBM service, Research in Motion clearly demonstrated their commitment to future and emerging technologies, while at the same time providing a great added value service to their users.

BlackBerry Messenger Architect Chat


  • Integration of emerging Augmented Reality technology into the popular BlackBerry Messenger service
  • Increased user functionaity and interactivity, with a fun and innovative way of meeting new contacts
  • Privacy ensured at all times through BBM’s variable controls

Applied Technology

  • BlackBerry Messenger API
  • ARML

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