Museum Art Gallery Exhibition

Museum Art Gallery AR Exhibition

Wikitude and eoVision collaborate to bring visitors the 21st century AR powered art exhibit experience. With a heavy emphasis on graphics, eoVision faced the challenge of conveying large amounts of information about the images, without the use of traditional print.

by Wikitude

With Wikitude's AR technology we are able to add tremendous value for our visitors at the museum's art gallery. In addition to simply viewing the beauty of our earth from high above, visitors are able to actually interact with and learn more about the art pieces, a truly enjoyable experience.
Paul Schreilechner | eoVision GmbH

Seeking an innovative solution, the company turned to Wikitude and utilized our image recognition and tracking engine to trigger 3D models, multimedia, text, and other web-based content.

When museums around the world added audio tour guides to their standard fare, visitors received the added benefit of information about the piece of art they were viewing. However, this experience is limited to the ears, and not the eyes, and often requires viewers to follow a specific route through the exhibition. With the rise of augmented reality and image recognition, visitors are now freed from this pre-determined route, and can stay focused on the visual experience of an art exhibition, while still gaining valuable insight into what they’re viewing. In conjunction with eoVision and the Salzburg Haus der Natur, Wikitude co-curated an augmented reality-powered art show that delighted and informed visitors. Using Wikitude’s powerful image recognition technology, visitors were able to use their smartphone or tablet devices to learn more about the highly detailed satellite image artworks that they were viewing. Some images triggered 3D models, while others displayed informative video content and relevant geographic data.

You too can experience the power of augmenting an art exhibition here and now. Simply download eovision’s one earth app (download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play), click through the images below to enlarge, and then scan them with your device.

The potential of augmented reality in an art world setting is limitless. By using Wikitude Studio to create your experience, you can easily add text, video, and/or 3D models to your augmented content, and manage it all from one highly intuitive user interface. With built-in statistics, you can monitor which pieces users are interacting with the most and further refine your gallery experience. Get started today to enjoy AR powered art and more with Wikitude Studio!


  • Wikitude delivered added value to the launch of eoVision's one earth through image recognition, 3D modeling, and additional augmented reality features.
  • Use image recognition technology to provide details about satellite images

Applied Technology

  • Wikitude SDK
  • Wikitude Studio
  • Image Recognition
  • HTML widgets

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