AR in print: FollowMe Magazine

AR app complementing printed magazine in Mexico

Official #FollowMe Magazine app connects the printed world with digital content through AR


  • Increase user engagement and sales
  • The #FollowMe magazine wanted its customers to have a surprising, interesting, and more engaging experience when reading their printed editions. It was essential to offer a chance for readers to experience travel, restaurants, nightlife, cars, technology, gadgets, fashion, jewelry, trends, architecture, entertainment in an alternative and lively manner. Additionally, the magazine wanted to increase sponsored sales by enabling digital links for online purchases.


  • Scannable AR-enhanced magazine
  • AR app: FollowMe Magazine [ Google PlayApp Store ] The FollowMe Magazine AR app was a natural evolution of the trendy Mexican magazine. With it, the editions could be enhanced with world-class content and AR additions such as motion graphics, interviews, behind the scenes, and exclusive content unlocked through the AR camera. This innovative augmented reality component of the magazine ensured the transition between the old school printed material to the modern digital world.
    Augmented Printed Magazine: FollowMe

    FollowMe Magazine AR app video


  • Spinar
  • Spinar is the leading AR / VR developer studio in Spanish speaking nations, with over 7 years of experience in AR development. They have been working with Wikitude AR technology since 2015.


  • Wikitude Image Tracking
  • This AR feature is used to detect, track and digitally augment 2D images – ideal for augmenting customized image targets, magazines, books, user manuals, packaging, catalogs, coasters, gaming cards and much more.

    Why Wikitude ?

    Wikitude is, by far, the best AR engine on the market and, as a plus, they have an amazing team behind it. They are constantly innovating and making this technology accessible for developers like us.
    Jorge de la Rosa | Founder and CEO | Spinar

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