Active Website – AR Real-Estate

Active Website – AR Real-Estate

Active Website is a Lakewood, Colorado based company specializing in web design and complex development. Active Website has rapidly become an industry leader that powers the technology behind large platforms including the real-estate and waste disposal industries.

by Active Website

It’s quite simple really, Wikitude’s web based framework gave us the flexibility we wanted.
Tyler Olmsted, 2012 | Active Website, LLC

Their current focus is on bringing new and innovative solutions to users seeking to find new homes and/or properties. In addition to traditional web and mobile based search tools, Active Website employed the use of Wikitude’s Augmented Reality technology. Through this AR view, consumers are able to use their mobile device to quickly, easily, and accurately discover new and available properties.

“This gives homebuyers the power to search for properties in a particular area or neighborhood simply by pointing their phone in the direction of the property they are looking for,” says Active Website’s Tyler Olmsted.

Why Wikitude? There are a number of Augmented Reality service providers on the market today, so why did Active Website decide to use Wikitude Technology? “It’s quite simple really, Wikitude’s web based framework gave us the flexibility we wanted,” says Tyler.
As with any Wikitude powered Augmented Reality experience, Active Website was able to create a custom look and feel, falling perfectly inline with their current development efforts.
“And I have to say, working with the Wikitude team, particularly their support division has been essential to our development process, as they have given us the personal attention and support we look for in a partnership.”


  • Using innovative AR technology to drive sales
  • Quick and easy integration
  • Cross Platform development

Applied Technology

  • Wikitude SDK
  • ARchitect engine
  • Click Trigger
  • Image Drawables

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