SDK PRO 3D (one time)

One-time fee license

Wikitude SDK PRO 3D (one-time) is a comprehensive augmented reality SDK which allows developers to create high-performing location-based, marker-based, and markerless AR experiences.

This one-time fee license includes advanced AR features, enabling reliable Object & Scene Tracking, markerless Instant Tracking, Image Tracking, and Geo AR. Ideal for adding stable digital augmentations to 2D and 3D targets, geographical points of interest, and directly onto physical surfaces.

Main Features

  • Wikitude SDK: Object Tracking, Scene Tracking, Instant Tracking, SMART Tracking, Image Tracking, and Geo-AR, no URP support
  • Support for extensions: Unity, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Flutter
  • 1 App (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Valid for app store publication (e.g. App Store, Google Play)
  • Access to Studio Editor: code-free platform
  • Forum-based technical support
  • Free Trial

License terms

This license is a one-time offer. It does not include SDK updates.
For SDK updates, please select the subscription product.

This package includes forum-based technical support only.
It does not include dedicated technical support via email/tickets/phone.
For dedicated support, please select the Enterprise package.

Please note, applications with 1 million installs or more, smart glasses, and private enterprise apps fall into the Enterprise license category.


  • Geo AR
  • Image Tracking
  • Object Tracking
  • Scene Tracking
  • Instant Tracking
  • Rendering Engine
  • Studio Editor

2490 €