Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘Game of Games’ augmented reality play-along challenge merges virtual and real life for increased viewer engagement

HitPoint Studios to present the Wikitude SDK-powered app best practices at Augmented World Expo

SALZBURG, Austria /SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 29, 2019 – HitPoint Studios, a software developer specializing in augmented reality and game development, will discuss the best practices used in developing the Ellen DeGeneres “Game of Games’ App on May 30th 11:30 am at Augmented World Expo (AWE), on the Gaming and Entertainment Track (Grand Ball Room G).

“Ellen’s Game of Games” is the first talk show to utilize augmented reality for a play-along challenge. The app built using the Wikitude AR SDK, has been live since Jan. 8, and has brought more than 1.1 million television viewers into the virtual world to play trivia games against real players to win prizes instantly from their devices. With the chance to take on the “One-Eyed Monster” or get soaked while finding the umbrella full of cash in “Make It Rain,” the more fans play, the more prizes become available, and bigger challenges unlock. More than 22 million matches have been played and $120,000 has been won by app participants in only a few short months.

“We are excited to present our Ellen “Game of Games” App to developers at AWE and illustrate the innovative ways that augmented reality is used to create a more engaging experience that helps build viewer loyalty for the TV show,” says Ariella Lehrer, President at Hit Point Studios.

“We are pleased that the Wikitude SDK is used to develop first-of-its-kind apps that are entertaining, engaging and deliver clear business value”, says Philipp Nagele, Wikitude CTO. “HitPoint is a truly innovative group. We are continually impressed with the ways in which they are incorporating our technology into their solutions.”

About Wikitude:
Wikitude® is an augmented reality (AR) pioneer and leader in the Computer Vision and Spatial Computing industries with its AR technology optimized for smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses. Powering over 1 billion app installations, Wikitude is trusted by enterprises, agencies, and developers in more than 180 countries as the go-to AR technology partner for innovation and business solutions. For more information, visit www.wikitude.com or find Wikitude on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

About HitPoint Studios:
Founded in 2008, HitPoint Studios is one of the largest independent game studios in Massachusetts, now with offices in Los Angeles. Its talented team of 30 engineers, designers and artists work with clients to build engaging apps and experiences, solve complex technical problems, and maximize the potential of new technologies like augmented reality. Recent clients include Google, Lenovo, EA, Disney, Warner Bros., Caesars, Niantic, Spinmaster, and others.