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Augmented safety in aviation: AR helps reduce the risk of misfuelling

Wikitude AR technology powers Air bp Airfield Automation safe2go solution to help reduce the risk of aircraft misfuelling

Vienna, AUSTRIA – July 20, 2021 – Wikitude, Austria-based AR solutions provider teams up with Air bp, the international aviation fuel products, and service company, to supply the technology for the Airfield Automation (AA) safe2go digital solution. A safety-critical application designed to reduce the risk of misfuelling, the AA safe2go app relies on Wikitude’s AR technology to recognize decals and help operators check they are delivering the correct type of fuel.

Delivering the wrong type of fuel into an aircraft (known as misfuelling) can have fatal consequences, posing a threat to human safety. In the efforts to drastically improve the misfuelling challenge, Air bp has been using Wikitude’s Image Tracking technology in the Airfield Automation safe2go app.

Airfield Automation safe2go is a cloud-based platform that consolidates all the data associated with Air bp’s refuelling operations. This pioneering solution actively helps reduce the risk of misfuelling by verifying requirements via an app on a handheld device in the fuelling vehicle. Being the first commercially deployed system of its kind globally, the solution is currently deployed in 126 airports worldwide.

“Everybody seems to get the significance of Airfield Automation’s value-added digital services with real-time data, operational and back-office process efficiencies and last but not least the critical safety risk of preventing misfuelling an aircraft – there are no ‘lay-bys’ in the sky. AA seems to capture the imagination of most people it touches and provides immediate benefits to their role and customers”, says Paul Dubenski, Air bp Airfield Automation Product Manager.

Manifesting the product’s maturity for market deployment, Air bp’s Airfield Automation has been recognised by the prestigious bp Helios Safety Award 2019, won the UK Real IT Award 2020 (including Excellence in Application Modernisation and the Product Innovation awards), and has had its first granted patent.

“We are proud to see Wikitude contribute to greatly reducing the risk of aircraft misfueling through our augmented reality technology. We are witnessing how AR is becoming a crucial part of automatization processes and are excited to see such use cases being used worldwide by Air bp”, says Wikitude CEO, Martin Herdina.

Wikitude pioneered the augmented reality (AR) industry in 2008 with the world’s first AR-enabled mobile application. Today, the company leads the computer vision and spatial computing sectors with its augmented reality technology optimized for smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses. With its Image Tracking being integrated in Air bp AA safe2go solution, by June 2021 Wikitude has been powering over 12,500 fuellings per week (which is more than 1 aircraft per minute) through its AR technology.

About Wikitude:
Wikitude® is an augmented reality (AR) pioneer and leader in the Computer Vision and Spatial Computing industries with its AR technology optimized for smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses. Powering over 1 billion app installations, Wikitude is trusted by enterprises, agencies, and developers in more than 180 countries as the go-to AR technology partner for innovation and business solutions. For more information, visit or find Wikitude on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

About Air bp:
As the aviation division of bp, Air bp is one of the world’s leading suppliers of aviation fuel products and services. It has been investing in the aviation industry for more than 90 years to keep people flying safely around the world. Its customers include commercial airlines, the military, business, and private aircraft owners, airports, and airfield operators. Air bp has a wide range of services to support its fuel offer including the design, build, and operation of fueling facilities, technical consultancy, and training, low carbon solutions, the Sterling Card for efficient general aviation refueling, and innovative digital platforms to increase efficiency and reduce risk.

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