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Interplay Software s.r.l. is a SME based in Trento, Italy. Interplay started its activity in 2005. Interplay Software main business and competence core is Enterprise Content Management and mobile services. Interplay provides consultancy and development on projects such as web and video portals, and document management applications.

Company Info

Interplay Software srl
Via 4 Novembre 1918, 95
38121 – Trento
+39 0461-421737

Company Description

Also, provides consultancy and support on open source content management platforms such as Alfresco ECM, Liferay Portal and Kaltura video platform. Interplay is certified Alfresco partner since 2008.

Interplay has developed a software platform (StreetVideo) which enables implementation and deployment of interactive, augmented-reality video services. StreetVideo, together with POICentral (a multi-channel CMS and portal for points of interests), allows an organization to create video-based virtual tours to document urban landscapes, cultural heritage and sport events.

Interplay products and services apply to several industries, including tourism, commerce, real-estate, e-government.

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