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Live 3D tracking / SLAM demo at Augmented World Expo

The Augmented World Expo is now behind us, what a successful event it was for the AR industry, the event organizers and certainly for us here at wikitude. For those of you who could not make it to Santa Clara this year, the two videos below will give you a nice “wikitude summary” of the event. wikitude’s CMO Andy Gstoll demonstrating a live demo of our SLAM based 3D tracking engine at our booth. wikitude’s 3D tracking technology is slated for public release in September. wikitude’s CEO Martin Herdina giving an interview to AWE TV. Martin is answering questions on current AR trends, how far the industry has come and provides insights on wikitude’s strategy and focus for the near future and beyond.  
6 Responses
  1. Daniel Gal says:

    We are really interested in 3D Object Recognition for one of our customers. Do have plan when you will launch the new Framework?

    Best Regards

  2. Paula says:

    Hi Daniel! The launch is planned for end of September/beginning of October. I’m happy to keep you posted once it’s ready for download! Thx. Paula

  3. Paula says:

    Hi Tasneem,
    Thanks for your interest in our 3D tracking technology!
    Currently this feature is in beta state and available to try on request.
    For more information check the Wikitude blog.

  4. Paula says:


    Thanks for your comment!

    Please find a detailed list of the supported devices and requirements here.
    Just as an additional information, if a device is not supported most of the cases its due to a missing sensor (like the compass).

    Best regards,