May 10, 2012

Wikitude now Augmented Reality games development and distribution platform

In conjunction with the Mobile Gaming USA conference kicking off today in San Francisco, Wikitude announces the launch of three unique augmented reality games now live on Wikitude 7.0. Utilizing the powerful technologies in Wikitude’s ARchitect Engine, games developers now have a platform to both develop and distribute their AR game ideas and to connect the play experience with the world around them. Bubble Tap has been developed exclusively for Wikitude by Team Vienna Games, (MMO 7Million, Facebook Zombiees!) whose founders are previous staff members from Rockstar Games. Bubble Tap features a fun and engaging interface that invites users to pop a series of bubbles floating around them. As the player progresses the difficulty increases with longer series to pop, causing the player to become more and more physically involved with the game. Not just your standard “Tap and Pop” – Bubble Tap in AR utilizes a 360° gaming surface with players having to physically rotate to get higher scores. “When you see people playing and turning around and trying to catch these bubbles in their augmented reality world, that’s where the fun starts, and that’s the difference to normal game development. We see tremendous potential in AR games and lots of new ideas will surface going forward,” comments Team Vienna Games CEO Kaweh Kazemi. Spice Attack is a play on the classic console title, Space Invaders. Instead of green invaders seeking to land and wreak havoc, Spice Attack features a series of seriously spicy chilis that would like to overheat terra firma. Aiming their mobile device to the skies, players must shoot down the invading Spice Attackers through a unique augmented reality interface. Swat the Fly is a fast paced game that allows users to serve up a healthy bug crushing around them. Gamers can interact with their surroundings and must move and rotate to spot flies in the augmented reality view and quickly release a fly swatter to gain points. “With the launch of Wikitude 7 we have been transitioning from our previous focus on location based services to a broader proposition of AR content” says Andy Gstoll, Wikitude’s CMO. “Wikitude ARchitect, our new technology platform, enables us to open up to a much bigger developer audience including game developers. Swat the Fly, Spice Attack and Bubble Tap on Wikitude 7.0 are just a few fun examples of the amazing opportunity AR holds for the gaming industry.” In addition to the quick and easy development with web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS for the Wikitude World Browser and therefore to millions of users, game developers can also take advantage of Wikitude’s SDK, both utilizing the all new and Wikitude ARchitect Engine. Available for both iOS and Android as of today, developers can create their very own AR game apps in no time. Find out more and download a free trial version of the Wikitude Augmented Reality SDK here.

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