# Migration Guides

# Wikitude SDK 9.9

The minimum Android SDK Version was raised to Android 6.0 (API level 23). Please update minSdkVersion to 23 in the manifest of your app or build.gradle file if you export to a gradle project.

# Wikitude SDK 9.8

Please update the used Unity Editor to version 2020.3.2f1 LTS or higher. If custom gradle files were used to ensure Anroid 11 support for Unity 2019.4, they should be removed from the project for 2020.3.

# Wikitude SDK 9.6

The runtime and Editor libraries have been moved to packages called Wikitude SDK Core and Wikitude SDK Extension - AR Foundation. The samples have also been split up into these two packages in a way that the AR Foundation samples are now in the Wikitude SDK Extension - AR Foundation package and the "core" samples are included in the Wikitude SDK Core package.

Follow these steps to upgrade to the newest SDK version:

  • For upgrading a sample project with a version below 9.6, the Assets > Wikitude folder in the project should be removed.
  • If the Wikitude assets are scattered in different folders in a custom project with a version below 9.6, they all have to be removed manually.
  • Finally, the new version can be imported like described in the Setup section of this documentation. If there are assets in the import list that are not flagged as new, it means that those file have not been deleted in the steps before. Only after all older assets are deleted, and the import list shows only new assets, the import should be triggered. References to the Wikitude components should still remain intact after importing the new assets, since all the essential components should have the same meta information as before.

# Wikitude SDK 9.4

Please update the used Unity Editor to version 2019.4.10f1 LTS or higher. If Android 11 (API Level 30) support is required, additional settings are required for this Unity version. Please refer to the Google documentation (opens new window) therefore.

The image and object trackers now support disabling and enabling during runtime, which makes it easier to temporarily disable a tracker without destroying it and its target collection resource. That also means that the OnTargetsLoaded() event of a tracker is just fired once and not after every enabling of the tracker.

# Wikitude SDK 9.3

The minimum Android SDK Version was raised to Android 5.1 (API level 22). Please update minSdkVersion to 22 in the manifest of your app or build.gradle file if you export to a gradle project.

# Expert Edition Beta 3

The Positional Tracking feature has been renamed to AR Bridge. The Scaling Workflow setting has been renamed to Scaling Mode.

# Expert Edition Beta 1

Expert Edition differs significantly from the previous Unity plugin from Wikitude. One of the biggest changes is that the WikitudeCamera scripts were split into multiple scripts, each focused on a specific aspect of the SDK:

  • WikitudeSDK -> controls the lifetime of the Wikitude SDK and is where the license key should be added
  • DeviceCamera -> controls the hardware camera properties
  • CameraFrameRenderer -> controls the rendering of the camera frames acquired from the hardware camera
  • LivePreview -> optional component used to run the Wikitude SDK inside the editor

Additionally, all augmentations are handled exclusively through the Drawable field in the Trackable, or by manually reacting to OnImageRecognized and OnImageLost events. Adding a GameObject as a child to the Trackables will no longer work.