WTInternalOpenGLESRenderingMode Class Reference

Inherits from WTOpenGLESRenderingMode : NSObject
Declared in WTOpenGLESRenderingMode.h


Object used by the Wikitude native SDK to access data required for Internal rendering with OpenGL ES. Using rendering mode internal, the Wikitude native SDK is setting up a rendering loop and additional custom udpate and draw handlers can be supplied using the WTInternalOpenGLESRenderingProtocol.

– initWithDelegate:andVersion:

The designated initialized to create an object of this class.

- (instancetype)initWithDelegate:(id<WTInternalOpenGLESRenderingProtocol>)delegate andVersion:(EAGLRenderingAPI)version



The object that acts as a delegate for the Internal rendering calls.


The OpenGL ES version that should be used.

Return Value

WTInternalOpenGLESRenderingMode An object of type WTInternalOpenGLESRenderingMode.

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