WTScreenshotSaveOptions Constants Reference

Declared in WTWikitudeTypes.h


WTScreenshotSaveOption are used to define specific instructions that should be considered before or after the screenshot saving.

The values can be chained together using the | operator.


typedef NS_OPTIONS(NSUInteger, WTScreenshotSaveOptions ) {
   WTScreenshotSaveOption_CallDelegateOnSuccess = 1 < < 0,
   WTScreenshotSaveOption_SavingWithoutOverwriting = 1 < < 1,
   WTScreenshotSaveOption_None = 0,



Independent of the save mode, the delegate method -architectView:didCaptureScreenWithContext: will be called. The context dictionary contains all informations regarding capture and save mode.

Declared In WTWikitudeTypes.h.


This option is only considered when using the save mode WTScreenshotSaveMode_BundleDirectory. It defines if a existing screenshot with the same name should be replaced or not. When a file with the same name already exists and the overwriting option is not set, the screen capture will fail and the delegate method -architectView:didFailCaptureScreenWithError will be invoked.

Declared In WTWikitudeTypes.h.


No options should be considered during the screenshot saving.

Declared In WTWikitudeTypes.h.

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