Release Notes Wikitude SDK

Wikitude SDK 7.1.0

Release Date: 19.09.2017



  • Improved OpenGL ES resource handling


  • Fixes an object tracker issue where the onTargetsLoaded callback was called before all object targets were extracted
  • Fixes an issue where Plugin::pause was not called in case it was unregistered from the SDK
  • Fixes an issue where the SDK could crash in case a new tracker was created while another one was already tracking
  • Fixes an issue where loading .wto files could have happened on the main thread
  • Fixes an issue where the SDK could have crashed in case a target collection resource was released
  • Fixes an issue where the SDK could have crashed in case a cloud recognition service was released
  • Fixes an issue where cloud recognition could crash after a new target was detected
  • Fixes an issue where the SDK could crash in case the camera was disabled at runtime and a tracker was tracking
  • Fixes an issue in the Wikitude 3D Encoder where a crash could happen in case a 3D Model had all model animation keyframe timestamps below 1
  • Fixes an issue where certain AR.Model animations are not rendered correctly
  • Fixes an issue where instant tracking initialisation drawables would not be rendered
  • Fixes an issue with AR.Model where pausing quickly after creation would break the rendering completely
  • Fixes an issue with AR.Model on some devices (i.e. Samsung Tab 4) where the rendering could be broken completely or initial scaling could be incorrect
  • Fixes an issue with AR.context.destroyAll where some objects might not have been destroyed

Wikitude SDK 7.0.0

Release Date: 13.07.2017


  • Object Recognition and Tracking
  • Support for multiple Image Targets
  • New hit-testing API for SLAM engine
  • Option for Extended Range for Image Recognition
  • Option for InstantTracker to choose initial plane orientation
  • New AR.Occluder that acts as occlusion model
  • New option to forward logs from AR.logger to AndroidStudio or Xcode


  • Updated SLAM engine improves performance and accuracy for InstantTracker and Extended Tracking
  • Plugins access to currently tracked target


  • Return appropriate return values in the gesture event callbacks
  • Issue where setting AR.Drawable.rotate was not resulting in a correct rotation

Wikitude SDK JavaScript API 6.1.0-3.4.2

Release Date: 28.03.2017


  • Includes Wikitude SDK 6.1.0: detailed changelog for Android and iOS
  • New parameter in the Wikitude Cordova example app creation script to choose between the cordova or phonegap command set


  • Fixes an iOS plugin lifecycle issue that prevented the SDK to resume when the hide() function was used

Wikitude SDK JavaScript API 6.0.1-3.4.1

Release Date: 15.02.2017


  • Includes Wikitude SDK 6.0.1: detailed changelog for Android and iOS


  • Fixed warnings generated by the Wikitude Cordova iOS plugin

Wikitude SDK JavaScript API 6.0.0-3.4.0

Release Date: 25.01.2017


  • Includes Wikitude SDK 6.0.0: detailed changelog for Android and iOS

Cordova Plugin 5.3.1-3.3.1

Release Date: 24.11.2016


  • Includes Wikitude SDK 5.3.1: detailed changelog for Android and iOS


  • Fixes an issue for Android where the keyboard was not showing up again after entering and returning from an ARView

Cordova Plugin 5.3.0-3.3.1

Release Date: 13.09.2016


  • Includes Wikitude SDK 5.3.0: detailed changelog for Android and iOS


  • Missing Android permission check in demo sample app

Cordova Plugin 5.2.0-3.3.1

Release Date: 22.07.2016


  • Corrected version number in plugin.xml file
  • Updated way how to handle files for Cordova Dev app

Cordova Plugin 5.2.0-3.3.0

Release Date: 08.07.2016


  • You can now use the cordova.file API when loading Architect Worlds
  • Android only: New backButtonCallback that is called when the Wikitude Plugin is closed because of a press on the back button
  • Includes Wikitude SDK 5.2.0: detailed changelog for Android and iOS

Cordova Plugin 5.1.4-3.2.1

Release Date: 15.03.2016

  • Includes Wikitude SDK 5.1.4: detailed changelog for Android and iOS

Cordova Plugin 5.1.3-3.2.1

Release Date: 08.03.2016

  • Includes Wikitude SDK 5.1.3: detailed changelog for Android and iOS

Cordova Plugin 5.1.1-3.2.0

Release Date: 15.01.2016


  • Missing textures on certain 3D models


  • Wikitude Sample App now implements Android Runtime Permissions (applies to Android 6.0 - API level 23)

Wikitude SDK 5.1.0


  • Support for Android switched camera on Nexus 5X
  • Support multiple regional co-located cloud recognition services
  • 3D model import: account for pivot node transformations


  • 3D model import:
  • Animation grouping
  • Account for animation stack (numbering of animations if more than one animation tracks are on the FBX animation stack)
  • Accept the first texture of a multi-textured 3d model
  • Accept 3d models with more than one mesh skins per node

Cordova Plugin 5.0.0-3.1.0

Release Date: 06.05.15


  • This release includes the Wikitude SDK 5.0.0.

Cordova Plugin 4.1.0-3.1.0

Release Date: 06.05.15


  • Compatibility for Cordova 5.0.0 and especially Android 4.0.0
  • Updates Setup Guide to reflect new StartupConfiguration

Cordova Plugin 4.1.0-3.0.1

Release Date: 01.04.15


  • Fixes a potential problem when camera access is denied and no error handler is set in the JS host application.
  • Fixes a problem with device supported check where 2dtracking - only experiences still would require compass to be supported

Cordova Plugin 4.1.0-3.0.0

Release Date: 09.03.15


PhoneGap Plugin 4.0.0-2.1.0

Release Date: 29.07.14


  • Integrates Wikitude SDK 4.0.0 for Android and iOS (see detailed release notes for Android and iOS)
  • Compatible with PhoneGap 3.5

PhoneGap Plugin 3.3.1-2.0.1

Release Date 24.04.2014


  • Wikitude SDK 3.3.1 for Android and iOS
  • IRandGeo mode available instead of Both in plugin

PhoneGap Plugin 3.3.0-2.0.0

Release Date 01.04.2014


  • Wikitude SDK 3.3.0 for Android and iOS
  • Support for PhoneGap 3.4.0


  • Back-button behavior for Android 4.4
  • Focus issue on Android


  • Extended set-up guide