Release Notes Wikitude SDK

Wikitude SDK 7.1.0

Release Date: 19.09.2017


  • Added support for iOS 11
  • New APIs to get the point cloud for InstantTracking


  • Improved OpenGL ES resource handling
  • Updates memory handling in the example application


  • Fixes an object tracker issue where the onTargetsLoaded callback was called before all object targets were extracted
  • Fixes an issue where Plugin::pause was not called in case it was unregistered from the SDK
  • Fixes an issue where the SDK could crash in case a new tracker was created while another one was already tracking
  • Fixes an issue where loading .wto files could have happened on the main thread
  • Fixes an issue where the SDK could have crashed in case a target collection resource was released
  • Fixes an issue where the SDK could have crashed in case a cloud recognition service was released
  • Fixes an issue where -objectTracker:didLoseObject: was not called for object tracker in case they were destroyed at runtime
  • Fixes an issue where the SDK could crash when accessing the OpenGL ES color renderbuffer

Wikitude SDK 7.0.0

Release Date: 13.07.2017


  • Object Recognition and Tracking
  • Support for multiple Image Targets
  • New hit-testing API for SLAM engine
  • Option for Extended Range for Image Recognition
  • Option for InstantTracker to choose initial plane orientation
  • Support for Metal Graphics API
  • Support for Bitcode


  • Updated SLAM engine improves performance and accuracy for InstantTracker and Extended Tracking
  • Detailed sample written in Swift
  • SDK can run now in Xcode simulator
  • CMMotionManager sharing between the Wikitude iOS SDK and other users
  • Plugins access to currently tracked target


  • Issue where TargetRectangleInFrame returned the wrong position and size with HD frames

Wikitude SDK Native API 2.1.0

Release Date: 28.03.2017


  • Support for OpenGL ES 3.0
  • New supported FrameColorSpace YV12 for input plugins
  • New plugin registration error callback that contains more information why an input plugin could not be registered
  • New Frame methods hasStrides() and getFrameStrides() to get stride information of frames provided by plugins


  • Trial licenses now support instant tracking

Wikitude SDK Native API 2.0.1

Release Date: 15.02.2017


  • Fixed a memory issue when instant tracking is used in combination with HD frame rendering (not recommended)

Wikitude SDK Native API 2.0.0

Release Date: 25.01.2017


  • The new instant tracking feature allows users to place augmentations without any markers in any surrounding. Instant tracking uses Wikitudes own SLAM-based 3D engine.
  • Added advanced camera settings like HD and 60 fps camera rendering and a manual focus control
  • Unified computer vision related class names


  • Updated target collection format (.wtc) which improves the robustness and performance of 2D image recognition.
  • Extended tracking improved significant using the new SLAM technology
  • Behaviour of removing plugins at runtime - lifecycle callbacks are now called properly
  • Plugins now receive a call to surfaceChanged in case the device was rotated while the application was not active.

Wikitude SDK Native API 1.4.1

Release Date: 24.11.2016


  • Fixes an issue where cloud recognition did not work when using input plugins
  • Fixes a rare crash in the iOS Native SDK when 3D tracking is used
  • Fixes an issue where the Wikitude SDK camera stopped rendering in case an external AVCaptureSession instance was stopped

Wikitude SDK Native API 1.4.0

Release Date: 13.09.2016


  • Support for iOS 10
  • New InputFrameRenderSettings options for Plugins API


  • Fixes issues with NAT64 networks
  • Fixes a rare crash in the 3D Tracking engine


  • Improved and aligned behaviour of cache handling
  • Improved and aligned behaviour of network handling for cloud recognition

Wikitude SDK Native API 1.3.0

Release Date: 08.07.2016


  • InputPlugins allow developer to use the Wikitude SDK with an external camera feed


  • Fixes an issue where destroying the SDK while a large .wtc file is loading, crashed the SDK
  • Fixes several issues that might lead to a crash if the SDK is paused/resumed
  • Fixes several issues that might lead to a crash if the SDK is destroyed and immediately afterwards created again
  • Fixes an issue where green camera frames could be rendered under certain circumstances
  • Fixes several issues where destroying the SDK might not release all of its allocated memory

Wikitude SDK Native API 1.2.1

Release Date: 22.03.2016 (internal release only)


  • Unifies camera related API between Android and iOS

Wikitude SDK Native API 1.2.0

Release Date: 01.12.2015


  • Support multiple regional co-located cloud recognition services
  • Improvements in visualization of 3D Tracking Beta

Wikitude SDK Native API 1.1.0

Release Date: 15.10.2015


  • 3D Tracking Beta for small-sized objects
  • Map recorder in sample App
  • Updated Client Tracking sample with new 3D Tracking sample

Wikitude SDK Native API 1.0.0

Release Date: 28.08.2015

Wikitude SDK Native API 1.0.0 beta

Release Date: 30.07.2015


  • Initial Public Release of iOS Native API