October 28, 2011

Wikitude preinstalled on Porsche Design P’9981

At an exclusive event yesterday in Dubai, Porche Design and Research In Motion presented the new Porche Design P‘9981 BlackBerry Smartphone preinstalled with a customised version of the award winning Wikitude World Browser. With the P’9981 smartphone the premium brand introduced a technology packed luxury accessory to the market. Serving the upscale clientel, this unique piece of eye candy sets itself apart from mainstream devices. Beneath the solid one piece aluminum shell with leather-covered back, the P’9981 is equipped with BlackBerry’s 7 Operating System on the inside, which integrates all the sensors and high performance chips needed to run Wikitude’s sophisticated Augmented Reality (AR) software. Wikitude has been customized to work seemlessly with the Porsche Design user interface. Taking advantage of the BlackBerry platform, P9981 owners will also be able to experience BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) in AR allowing them to find their BBM friends and other BBM users around them – a great way to interact and meet other Porsche Design enthusiasts. View the official BlackBerry Porche Design P’9981 video below. With Wikitude you can explore more than 150 million places around the world including restaurants, tourist sights, clubs and much more. In addition to more than 2,000 content providers or content “worlds”, as they are known in Wikitude lingo. You can also engage the “Porsche Design Store World” to locate points of sale for Porsche Design merchandise around you. But that’s not all, P’9981 owners are able to create their own places by using a simple map based tool available on www.P9981.me . So if you have found a special fine dining restaurant that you think your fellow Porsche Design smartphone owners should know about, just go to the web and create this place with a few clicks. Seconds later, it will be available to the P9981 device community in Wikitude’s augmented reality. “It has been an exciting journey working with Porsche Design to reinvent Wikitude for this very unique device” explained Andy Gstoll, Wikitude’s CMO, “We were infected by the their true passion for design from day one.” Read the official Porche press release here.

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