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How to create your World

Create your own Augmented Reality World and browse your World with Wikitude 4!
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  1. Andy says:

    the overlay concept is nice, but I think many (larger) POI dataprovider don’t like to upload their data onto an external server! Why You don’t develop a (additional) distributed way of providing data like Layar does?
    I know, there will be a problem with searching across overlays, if content isn’t merged at a single place, but maybe You can developing an harvesting webservice therefore. This would give wikitude a real leading position.


  2. christina says:

    Hi Andi,
    The content can also be integrated via a HTTP-Interface: Mobilizy will connect to this search-interface, provided by the company; the content can reside on any server, not necessarily on the Wikitude server.
    If you need further information please don’t hesitate to contact us via mail info (at) mobilizy.com – we will be happy to answer your questions!

  3. Andy says:

    Sorry, haven’t noticed this page.

    But after reading, I still think that there is a need for a real webservice, not just an automated upload by the wikitude server.
    “…in either case, the content will be stored on the Wikitude server…”
    Unique POI content (not this Twitter/Flickr/Panoramio meshup stuff) is a treasure in times of mobile internet and quality providers surely won’t hand over this valuable stuff as whole package to third parties.
    So, please create a dynamic & secure webservice therefore (in the way Layar does)!


  4. fred says:

    hi christina,
    where i can add information “WWW” and “i” if i use the second solution(upload KML)?
    please help me!

  5. Nicola says:

    Hi Fred,
    The best way to add url information is to create an ARML. Please have a look at our specification under http://www.openarml.org/wikitude4.html. The ‘i’ option gives additional information, like the telephone number, attachments, or the address. If you upload a KML file the only option under ‘i’ is ‘Location’ (show in Map and show route to POI). If you need any further information on ARML just contact me.
    Thx and greetings,

  6. fred says:

    Hi nicola

    thank for your réponse.
    It is good! But how long is necessary it so that the changes come into effect during a download of a new ARML?
    I sometimes have error later with one identical but has place differ and someone who(which) does not appear on the iphone..

  7. Nicola says:

    Hi Fred,
    Normally it can take some minutes until you see the POIs you added via ARML or KML (depending on the size of the uploaded file). Could you give me details on which World you uploaded and what errors you get. You can also contact me via mail if you like.

  8. Nicola says:

    Hi Jung Lybbert,
    This sounds very interesting and we would really like to get in touch with you. Could you give me details to your blog per mail (nicola.radacher(at)mobilizy.com). I would love to have a look at it.

  9. Joan says:

    Stupid question. If I upload kml/arml file, I will be able to edit/modify the points/data once they are at wikitude.me?

  10. Nicola says:

    Hi Joan,
    Once uploaded you can replace/remove the whole kml/arml. Editing single POIs via wikitude.me is currently not possible. Please let me know if you need anything further.
    Thx and greetings

  11. Nicola says:

    Hi Roberto,
    I just checked your ARML file and the coordinates are given with Longitude, Latitude. But the coordinates need to be entered in the format Longitude, Latitude. Could you please change this and upload the file again.

  12. Roberto Giungato says:

    Hi Nicola,
    thank you, I’ve just updated my ARML file and uploaded it.
    But it seems that the misleading between latitude and longitude order is very common: in the ARML example at http://www.openarml.org/wikitude4.html, POSs related to mountains are in the form latitude,longitude, and you too in your post above wrote two times “Longitude,Latitude” … :-)
    Anyway, thank you very much for wikitude and you prompt reply.
    best regards

  13. Nicola says:

    Hi Roberto,
    Thx for bringing this up. We are aware of this already and will change it in the example.
    Sorry for the inconveniences.

  14. Francesco De Biasi says:

    I am trying to put an attachment to each POI (jpg/png picture) but nothing happens. How does this feature work?

  15. Nicola says:

    Hi Francesco,
    If you add attachments to POIs, the links to these attachments will be displayed in the POI detail page. Please let me know if you see the links in this view.

  16. Jos Smeets says:

    In reply to my own post: It looks like the images are not updated in Wikitude when you replace them. Both images showed up when I (accidentally) saved my World again, thereby creating a new developer key. Maybe Wikitude should sometimes (or always) check if the images are replaced.


  17. Samuel Ramambason says:

    I am developer and I have a a few questions.

    1- Just making sure I got this right: publishing an ARML file with reference to logo and icon png to Wikitude automatically makes my newly created branded world available to users in the list of worlds reachable in the Wikitude mobile app (by clicking the ‘Worlds’ button)?

    2- If using the WebService option, is the branding available as well? How would a specific web service published to Wikitude be referenced as a branded world in the mobile app?

    3- Finally in the two world creation modes mentioned above, are there some limitations to what can be done with an IPhone vs Android (typically the World’s status).

    Thanks for your great work.

    Best regards,

  18. Nicola says:

    Hi Samuel,
    Here’s to your questions:
    1. Yes, as soon as you publish your World it will be visible to all Wikitude World Browser users.
    2. Yes, you can also specify the icons and logos for your World with the Webservice. The only difference is that the data is stored on your server.
    3. No, iPhone and Android react the same way regarding this.
    If you need anything further, just let me know.

  19. lebanonsky says:

    I am developing a demo for Galaxy Tab and would very much like to show bigger images as thumbnails. 64×64 is just unimpressive on big screen device like the Tab.
    Is that in anyway possible using the ARML way of creating a world?

  20. Nicola says:

    The dimensions of the World logos are 96×96. Could you please give me more information on what thumbnails you wish to have bigger?

  21. Maik says:

    Hi. I’m am trying to set up a world and have 2 questions:

    1) are there any restrictions for the “wikitude:thumnail” elements? If i load relly small images, they show up, but bigger ones wont.

    2) How long does is usually take for a world to be available on non-developer clients? I tested the World and it works fine, so i published it. So far i was not able to see it on iPhone


  22. Martin says:

    Hi Maik!
    1.) The restrictions are 96x96px in size.
    2.) Your world should be visible instantly. Which World did you upload, and which location are you in, so I can check?

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