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Wikitude Drive: Never take your eyes off the road again

Wikitude Drive is the very first Augmented Reality navigations system for smartphones. It has two main advantages, first you simply follow a line, and second, you never take you eyes off the road. Wikitude Drive is available in the Android Market in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Spain, France, and Italy. Download here!
Augmented Reality mit Wikitude Drive
Augmented Reality Navigation with Wikitude Drive: Computer-generated driving instructions are drawn on top of the reality.
How does it work? Navigation takes place in realtime in the live-camera image of your smartphone. Next to a conventional 3D map view, Wikitude Drive has a spectacular Augmented Reality camera view, where driving directions are directly drawn into the real road you are driving on. The advantages: The system works by attaching your mobile phone on top of your dashboard with the camera facing the road. The application then overlays video captured through the camera with driving instructions. This allows users to literally drive through their phone, watching the road even while they are looking at directions. Never take the eyes off the road! Wikitude Drive solves a key problem that all other navigation systems have. These systems require the driver to take his eyes off the road in order to look at the abstract navigation map. Just by looking at the map screen for one second when driving at 100 km/h (62 mph), the driver is actually “blind” for 28 meters (92 ft). Think about how much can happen in those precious meters. Since Wikitude Drive provides you with driving directions on top of the live video stream, you still see what is happening in front of you when looking at the display of your mobile AR navigation system.
Wikitude Drive auf Facebook!
The latest news: Wikitude Drive on Facebook!
Supported Smartphones: Due to the enormous hardware requirements, Wikitude Drive supportes only a limited number of high-quality Android phones with exceptionally good GPS sensors: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus S, HTC Nexus One, HTC Desire, Sony Ericsson X8, Sony Ericsson X10i. See Post “Supported Smartphones”.
If your Android smartphone is not on this list and you absolutely want to try Wikitude Drive, please proceed as follows: Download Wikitude Drive, launch it, enter any destination address, and then, if the route has been loaded, select ” Menu -> demo ride, and you will see an animated demo ride. If the demo looks good, then your phone seems to meet most of Wikitude Drive hardware requirements. If not, you can cancel your purchase within 15 minutes. Note: Some Android devices have GPS sensors that don’t meet the accuracy standards of Wikitude Drive: This is the case if you’re experiencing multiple multiple re-routes while driving with Wikitude Drive. If this happens with your device while driving with Wikitude Drive, you can send an email to drive[at]wikitude.org drive and we will cancel your purchase.
Where do I get Wikitude Drive? Wikitude Drive is available in the Android Market in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and UK.
Hama Universal Multihalter
Hama Universal Multihalter
Which car holder do you recommend? A car holder is an absolute necessity for Wikitude Drive, unless you are using it for pedestrian navigation. Make sure the camera has a free view. Sometimes it is necessary to drill a whole for the camera. Wikitude Drive Success Story Below you find a quick summary of the Wikitude Drive success story. Happy reading! Cheers. August 2009: We posted a movie of our first prototype and trigger unintentionally a huge PR wave: The video appeared in major blogs and was viewed 150.000 times that first weekend. September 2009: At the 2nd Google Android Developer Challenge Wikitude Drive was a top 20 finalist. Unfortunately the routing server crashed within the final jury testing round. However the version from that time was miles away from what you see today. February 2010: Wikitude Drive wins the Grand Prize at Navteq Challenge 2010 EMEA at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and a check valued 500.000€ in license fees and cash as “most innovative navigation solution in Europe, Middle East and Africa”. The news of Wikitude Drive winning the award was displayed on the Reuters Newswire on Time Square in New York as well as on the Clear Channel Sign in Las Vegas. More on “Wikitude wins the Navteq Challenge 2010!“.  The Insider Story can be read at “Winning the Navteq Challenge 2010 Grand Prize with Wikitude Drive – The Inside Story“. Mai 20, 2010: We launched a major test drive during Google I/O 2010 and send 3000 test drivers out onto the road. This day marks the record high number of Website hits on the Wikitude site. After 2 hours our server broke down. More here: Wikitude Drive Google I/O Update: Test Drivers Wanted September 20: 2010: Wikitude Drive won the global competition of the Navteq Challenge in Madrid and is crowned Navteq Global Champion 2010. As the Navteq Challenge 2010 EMEA winners, Wikitude Head of Innovation Andi Hauser, Lead Developer Sebastian Höbarth and me competed against the regional winners India, Asia, North Amerika and South Amerika. We were able to convince a top-class jury and won the global competition as well: See “Wikitude Drive Crowned 2010 NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge® CHAMPION“. October 18, 2010: Wikitude Drive won the European Satellite Navigation Competition and the GSA Special Topic Prize in the residence of Munich. See “Wikitude Drive gewinnt den Hauptpreis der European Satellite Navigation Competition Galileo Master 2010“. November 24, 2010: Wikitude Drive wins Hagenberg Award. Dezember 6, 2010: Wikitude Drive and the Wikitude World Browser won the World Summit Award in Abu Dhabi. See “Wikitude wins World Summit Award“. Dezember 20, 2010: Wikitude Drive went live in Austria (T-Mobile), Germany and Switzerland. May 25, 2011: Latest News – Wikitude Drive went live in UK, France, Italy, and Spain!!! [nggallery id=26]
141 Responses
  1. radio_babylon says:

    this is very cool! do you have any idea when this will be launching for android, and at what price point?

  2. Jive says:

    Looks awesome, but the requirement of a data connection makes this far less useful IMHO as GPS navigation apps are most often used to navigate outside of one’s “home area” (whether traveling abroad or in another town). As a user is further removed from their “home area” they are less likely to know whether they will have consistent data connectivity (if at all). Data connectivity while traveling abroad (where GPS navigation is very useful) may even be impossible, making this killer app useless in the situations where it would be most useful.

    It would be great if it could pull routing or simply mapping data from the device and/or SD card to provide information about the road one is traveling on and their route.

  3. Markus says:

    Will that Navigation System come soon in a Windows Mobile 6.x or Java Version?
    It looks great – fascinating idea!


  4. curious says:

    Christina, thanks for your prompt reply on my query from 18.Feb. I have been using wikitude world browser for very long time. In my query I was looking for Wikitude Drive, which i have searched in the market and could not find!

  5. Alomu says:

    Hi hi, great applications! But i can’t download Wikitude Drive in the Market.. depends on my location (cyprus)?

  6. Nicola says:

    Hi Alomu,
    Thx for your interest in Wikitude Drive. We are currently in our final test phase for our first Beta Release. Please stay tuned.
    Thx and greetings

  7. Roman says:

    I’ve downloaded the Beta yesterday and it worked! However today it says “Upgrade to new version” but when I go to the market I can’t find it!

  8. Nate N. says:

    Yes, Windows Mobile would GREATLY appreciate this application! The HD2 would be perfect for this app.

  9. ReDo says:

    Hey, is it possible to download and run it on my Motorola Milestone (Droid) in Sweden?

  10. Nicola says:

    Hi ReDo,
    Apologies that you have not been able to get the beta app in time. However, the good news is that we will launch Wikitude Drive for all countries very soon, so stay tuned and follow our updates on our website.

  11. Nicola says:

    Hi Dusan,
    Thx for interst in Wikitude Drive and wanting to be a testdriver. Unfortunately our test phase was US based. However, the good news is that we will launch Wikitude Drive for all countries very soon, so stay tuned and follow our updates on our website.

  12. thomas says:

    looks like a great app…
    hope the duck is still alive! ??

    btw: the german version of the wikitude drive site says “404”

  13. René says:

    @Nicola: Wikitude Drive looks very promising. Can you give us a date when Wikitude Drive will be available in The Netherlands. I always read: “very soon” “in near future”Why never a date? In my work I plan everything 3 a 4 weeks ahead. So, come us, let us sleep quietly and give us a date for this super program!

  14. Samuel says:

    You guys rule! This has so much potential to set a new standard for nav. I hope things are on track and this will hit Android marketplace sometime soon. I’m hoping this will be significantly lighter on a dataplan, as I’m going to be moving to Europe shortly and it would be nice to not have to download/precache maps on my Android to avoid using too much data.

  15. Nicola says:

    Hi Stejano,
    Thx for your interest in our application. Bringing drive to more platforms is definitely on our roadmap. Please stay tuned.

  16. ssj3gogeta says:

    is there going to be a symbian version

    please make wikitude drive for i8910HD

    and does this need to stay connected to the internet or will it download the maps to the phone?

  17. Nicola says:

    We are in our final test phase and will release soon. Please stay tuned.

  18. Eric says:

    I’ve sent them an email to get a preliminary copy as noted above. Did anyone get a response?
    — eric

  19. Nicola says:

    Hi Eric,
    We’re getting a whole bunch of mails everyday. We’re working through these and will get back to you. Stay tuned.
    Thx and greetings

  20. MBM1982 says:

    Is there already a release date for the Android version? Or do you know at least if it takes a month or maybe another year?
    I really want this!


  21. Nicola says:

    Hi Luigi,
    Yes Wikitude Drive will also be available in Italy. Please stay tuned for the release in the next weeks.

  22. Nicola says:

    Hi Martin,
    We are currently in our final testing phase and a release is planned for the next weeks. Please stay tuned.

  23. moran679 says:

    Original release date was in June, we’re getting closer to September!
    Can’t wait to try this very cool app :) will it be available in Israel?

  24. Axel Jansen says:

    will this app be available for the iPhone, too? Or just android?
    Kind Regards,

  25. Nicola says:

    Hi Axel,
    Thx for your interest in our application. Currently we are in our final steps to launch Drive for Android, but of course we have the intention to port it to iPhone as well.
    Please stay tuned.

  26. Nicola says:

    The planned launch date has been initially set to August. There has been a delay due to various reasons. Update: it’s going to be in September. So stay tuned.
    Greetings and thx for your patience.

  27. Nicola says:

    Hi Tobias,
    Yes Wikitude Drive will be released in Germany. Please stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated on our webpage.

  28. Filippo says:

    Hi wiki guys!
    Sent u an email on 2 sept. asking for a beta! No answer yet, any chance to test and beta test it before the off. release?
    Thank for keeping us continuously informed!
    Much appreciated

  29. moran679 says:

    It’s starting to feel like it’s never going to get released :(
    Seriously, what are you so busy with over there, where ever you are?

  30. Pablo says:

    It’s October here in California. Just checked Market for Wikitude Drive and not there???

  31. Kostaverz says:

    The planned launch date has been initially set to August. There has been a delay due to various reasons. Update: it’s going to be in September. So stay tuned.
    Greetings and thx for your patience.

    AND NOW!!???


  32. moran679 says:

    “Final testing phase” since May, and no real answers.
    You’ve delayed the deadline at lease 4 times, for months, enough lies!
    If it isn’t going to come out any time soon (this month I mean), please tell us. I’m sick of checking for news every day.

  33. Nicola says:

    Hallo Martin,
    Im Moment ist Wikitude Drive nur auf Android. Sobald wir es auch aufs iPhone bringen, halten wir euch über unsere Webpage auf dem Laufenden.

  34. Nicola says:

    Hi Tim,
    Wikitude Drive will be released within the next weeks. Please contact drive[at]wikitude.org to get a Beta version.

  35. Robert Langhammer says:


    what an wonderfull and great application! Respect!!!
    When you plan to release the iPhone App for:
    1. testing
    2. buy?
    I am strong interested and waiting.

    Greetings, Robert

  36. Nicola says:

    Hi Robert,
    Wikitude Drive is currently running on Android. But we are very happy to consider you as a test driver if we port Drive to the iPhone.

  37. ultan ocarroll says:

    Any chance this could be made available before you need to drive – so you can get an idea of the route and the turns before you actually have to do it ? I mean to say can the drives from locations to locations be recorded and then found from a database ? You can then drive before you go – for example : going on holiday or on a business trip to somewhere, getting a rental and then having to work out where to go, under pressure from other drivers or weather can be really stressful – having a video of the route would be great, beforehand.

  38. Hon says:

    I would love to beta test wikitude Drive when it comes to Iphone (I own an Iphone 4, and am an active user with wikitude, along with other augmented reality apps. I am also an active user for GPS system (stand alone, and iphone apps).

  39. just says:

    I would like to know if it will be possible to test a beta of wikitude drive for iPhone when it will be available.

  40. Dirk Muehlenbein says:

    Hi there,

    is it possible to get a Beta-version for testing on my android 2.2 HTC legend?


  41. Nicola says:

    Hi Dirk,
    Sobald wir eine neue und aktuelle Beta Version haben, schicken wir sie aus und dann solltest du Drive testen können.
    Schöne Grüße

  42. Dirk says:

    Hört sich doch gut an, danke! :-)

    Könnt Ihr schon ungefähr sagen, wann es soweit seien wird?

    Schöne Grüße,


  43. Stefan says:

    Hi all, I was asking when this wonderful app would be released in its final version. As of now, there is no version to be found in the Android Market.

  44. Nicola says:

    Wikitude Drive will be released very soon, so stay tuned. And as it is in beta-phase still, it is currently not available in the Market.

  45. Ron says:

    Schöne Aufnahme mit der Ente im Bild. lol
    Ich hätte gerne eure Software ausprobiert. Leider funktioniert diese auf meinem SE Vivaz U5 nicht.
    Wann wird es einen Symbian Wikitude für mein Handy geben.

    L.G. Ron

  46. Nicola says:

    Hi Ron,
    Im Moment wird Wikitude Drive nur für Android verfügbar sein. Portierungs-News auf andere Platformen geben wir auf unserer Webpage bekannt, sobald sich was in diese Richtung tut.
    Schöne Grüße

  47. Nicola says:

    Currently Wikitude Drive is available for Austria, Germany and Switzerland, but many countries will follow beginning of next year.So stay tuned! We’ll keep you informed on our webpage and facebook page.

  48. geekayck says:


    wie hoch ist denn die Datenmenge, die für eine Route, bzw. bei einer Routenänderung, heruntergeladen werden muss?

    Ist eine Onboard-Lösung geplant, die keine Datenverbindung benötigt?

    Viele Grüße

  49. Frank says:

    Hi, fantastische App. Gibt es eine Trial-Version um vorab zu testen ob die App auf meinem Handy läuft? Wäre schade nach dem Kauf festzustellen das mein Handy zu schwach dafür ist. Viele Grüße, Frank

  50. Francesco Careddu says:

    Ciao mi chiamo Francesco Careddu, vorrei chiederVi quando sarà possibile averlo anche da noi in Italia.

  51. Wilhelm says:

    Hallo, Gratulation an euch, aber – wann erhältlich für das I-Phone ?
    Schöne Feiertage,

  52. Nicola says:

    Hi Wilhelm,
    Die Portierung auf andere Plattformen ist auf unserer Roadmap aber leider kann ich dir keine Timeline geben. Wir informieren euch aber über jegliche News auf unserer Webpage.
    Schöne Grüße

  53. Nicola says:

    We will bring Wikitude Drive to Markets outside of Germany, Austria, Switzerland very soon. So stay tuned.

  54. Nicola says:

    Die Datenmenge hängt von der Route selbst ab, bewegt sich aber im einstelligen kByte Bereich, also sehr gering. Weiters geben wir dem Benutzer die Information wieviel Datentransfer jeden Routenberechnung verursacht. Zur Offline Variante kann ich im Moment leider noch keine näheren Auskünfte geben, da wir die zukünftigen Features von Wikitude Drive gerade priorisieren und diskutieren.
    Schöne Grüße

  55. boim says:

    Wow!!! a great product!
    I read it in a forum and been watching the demo on youtube.
    You guys should do South East Asia / Asian countries, as we have the largest market for mobilephones running with Android / iOS / Symbian in the world

  56. Nicola says:

    Drive is currently available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Other countries will follow soon, so stay tuned.

  57. Pi M. says:

    ich bin beeindruckt von der idee. endlich nutzt eine firma die fähigkeiten eines smartphones kreativ aus.

    wird es auch, wie wikitude world, auch für Bada-handys portiert? das würde sicher einschlagen wie eine bombe, weil dort alle mit dem erhältlichen navi unzufrieden sind.

  58. Einar says:

    Hi, when is France foreseen? And are we then talking about european coverage?
    Anther thing – 10eur for the app?

  59. Nicola says:

    Vielen Dank für dein Interesse an Wikitude Drive. Einen genauen Zeitpunkt, wann wir Wikitude Drive für andere Plattformen portieren, kann ich leider nicht geben. Wir halten dich aber über unsere Homepage am Laufenden, wenn es irgendwelche Neuigkeiten diesbezüglich gibt.

  60. Lars says:

    Da meine Anfrage leider unbeantwortet blieb wolte ich noch mal Fragen, wird es Pois und sowohl feste und mobile Blitzer geben?

  61. Nicola says:

    We will launch Wikitude Drive in more countries very soon. So please stay tuned and we’ll keep you informed on our webpage.

  62. Nicola says:

    Hi Tomash,
    Thx for your interest in Wikitude Drive. We will launch it very soon in more countries, so stay tuned.

  63. Jeremy says:

    When will the iPhone version be released in the United States. I’ve been watching and waiting for what seems like forever now. Thank you.

  64. Mark says:

    Any idea when WikiTude Drive will be released for the UK? Am really excited about this app.

  65. Nicola says:

    Hi Jeremy,
    Thx for your interest in Wiktiude Drive. The Android version of Drive will be released in the US soon. I can’t give you an timeline when Drive will be ported to other platform yet, but we’ll keep you posted on our webpage.

  66. Jeremy says:

    if that’s the case maybe I’ll have to go grab a Galaxy Tab to play with the Android US release until you get something for iOs I can use with my iPhone and iPad.

    Two follow-up questions:
    1. What is “expected” U.S. Android release?
    2. Are maps stored locally or is data service required to access maps?

  67. Rudy H. says:

    Hi, looks like a great app…I couldn’t find an answer for the deployment in the Netherlands. Can you give some update about that please? :-)

    Thanks. Keep up the good work.

    HTC Desire HD user

  68. Mark says:

    Wow, you guys are awesome at answering your comments…..you could just give us some ruff idea. like a month or 2 time window…. instead no-one bothers to reply???

  69. Sebastian says:

    Wie genau und vor allem aktuell sind die Karten?
    Welche technologische Basis verbirgt sich dahinter und ist das System bereits so intelligent um “kürzeste” und “schnellste” Routen zu berechnen?

  70. Kyle says:

    I know you get this all the time but, any more news on possible porting to iPhone yet? It seems like there’s been a few months since an update.

    I’d definitely love to try and test it too if it ever happens. :)

  71. Jonathan says:

    People’s camera will collect video clips for you on a voluntary basis, upload to your website (whenever they are connected to Internet) for your database and analysis and use. With your database and website interface, all users can plan their trips, view, and rehearse before really “driving” it.
    Your software will recognize speed limit, do-not-enter signs and other signs in the dark or when obscured by snow. Your software will highlight those signs in the video streaming data in real-time and “speaks” to alert the users!
    Your software will highlight exactly which road for driver to go to at those busiest & totally “stranger” intersection when there were like 3 or 4 roads in front of when a driver just can’t tell quickly which one is the right one to go to.

    These were among the few things I dreamed about two to three years ago before I even heard about your company and your product. Good for you that you are having it first!


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