Wikitude SDK for Ionic 3

The Ionic 3 starter app uses version 7.1 of the Phonegap/Cordova plugin, which is built on top of Wikitude’s comprehensive JavaScript API.

Third Party – Please note that Wikitude does not offer technical support for these plugins.

Ionic 3

The Ionic 3 started app enables a wide feature set of the Wikitude SDK, powering your Ionic projects with AR. For technical support please reach out to the Ionic community.

Download from Third Party
Please check the provider’s download page for details.
Download AR SDK for Ionic based apps - AndroidDownload AR SDK for Ionic based apps in iOS


  • The trial version of the Wikitude SDK is feature complete and fully functional but includes a watermark in the camera view.Commercial licenses are available to remove the watermark (see pricing plan).
  • Older Wikitude SDK packages can be found here.