Important notes regarding the migration of projects from Old Studio to our new Studio Editor

Please read through the information provided here carefully, so that you are aware of what will happen to your projects during the migration from Old Studio to Wikitude Studio Editor. If you have any queries then reach out to our team via email at

Which projects will be included in the migration?

All your projects will be transferred from Old Studio to new Studio Editor. However, in order for the projects to be migrated, they need to have a name. This means that projects with the title Untitled Project will be automatically renamed to Project1, Project2 etc, to enable their inclusion in the migration script.

What will happen to my targets?

The targets will be migrated exactly the same as they were defined in the old Studio, with a few exceptions:

Changes in name
Studio Editor introduced some limitations regarding the name of a target. Valid characters in Studio Editor are ‘a-z’, ‘A-Z’, ‘0-9’, ‘ ‘ (space), ‘_’ (underscore), ‘.’ (dot), ‘-‘ (dash) and if your target contains invalid characters, these characters will be deleted. For example, if you have a target with a name DC_1002(1) then the name of this target in Studio Editor will be DC_10021 because ‘(‘ and ‘)’ are invalid characters.

In addition, if a project contains targets with the same name, then the new targets in Studio Editor will be renamed to target_name.jpg, target_name1.jpg, target_name2.jpg etc.

Targets that will not be migrated
Finally, if a project contains targets with the same image (as well when the image is only slightly modified, for example the background is changed), then only one occurrence of this image will be transferred to Studio Editor. The reason is that Studio Editor does not allow duplicate images.

Which augmentations will be affected and in what way?

All your projects will be migrated to the Studio Editor, including all the targets that are defined in these projects and their augmentations. However, there could be instances where the augmentation you have defined in the old Studio could be slightly different in the Studio Editor:

HTMLDrawables are not supported in Studio Editor. Therefore, if you have created an augmentation that contains an HTMLDrawable in the Old Studio, this will not be transferred at all in Studio Editor.

Buttons and Texts
These are some examples of augmentations with HTMLDrawables that will look different in Studio Editor.

  • Texts: 
 A text in the old Studio is converted in a Label in the Studio Editor. This will not affect the appearance of the augmentation in Studio Editor unless the text contains borders (as background). Since borders are regarded as HTMLDrawables and we do not support them in Studio Editor, they will be missing from the text.
  • Buttons:
 Buttons with borders are not supported in Studio Editor and they will be converted into buttons with simple corners.