Wikitude SDK 8.6: HoloLens + Flutter Plugin + Geo AR for Unity

After another productive product improvement cycle, the Wikitude team is excited to present SDK version 8.6. The update includes our powerful – now product ready – HoloLens AR package, introduces support for Flutter, adds Geo-AR for Unity users, and offers further performance enhancements.

Augmented Reality Demo with Simultaneous AR Tracking: Object + Image + Positional

Object Tracking has greatly evolved since its debut two years ago. To demonstrate just how much, Wikitude created an impressive Remote Control Car Racing Augmented Reality Demo. It not only showcases how reliable Object Tracking has become but also introduces innovative simultaneous AR Tracking functions.  Remote Control Carrera® Car Racing Augmented Reality Demo The objective ... Read more

Augmented Reality SDK for Microsoft HoloLens

Expand the capability of HoloLens with the Wikitude AR SDK: attach digital AR content to images, objects, barcodes, QR codes, and personalized targets with fast, scalable and reliable AR recognition solutions. More and more industries are investing in mixed reality headset devices to optimize their operational efficiency. With this in mind, Wikitude has optimized its ... Read more