March 6, 2019

Women in Tech: Meet Wikitude’s New COO Nicola Radacher

Nicola Radacher (38) was hired as Wikitude´s employee number 3 back in 2009, shortly after the company had been founded. Today, Nicola is being announced as Chief Operations Officer (COO). On a C-level, she is now the first woman, along with two men, running the AR-company.

“This is another major move for Wikitude towards future growth”, says Nicola Radacher about her new role. “As women are being underrepresented in technology companies and even more so in C-level positions, female leadership needs to be more visible”, says Martin Herdina, CEO of the company: “That’s why we decided to bring our news into the spotlight for World Women’s Day on March 8.”

“A COO is a response to our current needs”

Nicola Radacher studied Geoinformatics and was one out of six female students in her year of graduation. Later she focused on Web and Android Development. At Wikitude, she started to move from coding to project management.

“With her profound technical background, her excellent ability to communicate and her hands-on-way of making things happen, she quickly grew into the role of managing daily operations at Wikitude”, reflects Martin Herdina: “Today, Wikitude has more than 125,000 community members and thousandas customers all over the world and the numbers are growing. The newly created role of a COO is a response to our current needs.”

Nicola will dedicate most of her time to topics such as process management, building up HR, and sales organization. “My new role will make it easier for me to take responsibility, make decisions and secure a healthy organizational growth”, says Radacher.

30 percent women at Wikitude

Studies reveal, that companies benefit greatly from gender diversity in tech companies, especially when women step up as leaders. Still, female employees only make up between 26 percent (Microsoft) and 43 percent (Netflix) of the workforce at major tech companies.

“Even though the tech industry is very innovative, there is certainly room for improvement when it comes to women in tech. At Wikitude, we are proud that already 30 percent of our team is composed of women”.

Nicola Radacher

“Enabling AR and people”

Wikitude’s SDK is one of the most important AR platforms worldwide along with Facebook, Apple, and Google, a recent Digi Capital AR/VR-Report suggests. “With our technology, we enable others to fly high in Augmented Reality. Similar to this, my passion is to enable people at Wikitude to get the best out of themselves. As a COO I will set conditions for professional growth for all Wikituders, regardless of gender”, says Radacher.

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