February 27, 2019

Now available: Wikitude SDK 8.3

The Wikitude SDK provides an array of features and extensions that enable developers to create customized AR experiences that perform at the highest level.

To ensure that our developer community has continued access to one of the best AR platforms on the market, we are continuously improving the Wikitude SDK. We’ve had great advancements over that last couple of months, and today we are proud to present Wikitude SDK 8.3!

Wikitude is releasing SDK 8.3 to offer performance enhancements, important fixes, additional product support, compatibility updates and more.

  • UWP Native API – Public Release
  • ARchitect based on Universal SDK
  • Compatibility with Unity 2018.3
  • Last release for Titanium
  • Support for Vuzix M300
  • Critical fixes and stability improvements
  • Faster and more reliable Object Recognition, Extended Tracking, and Instant Tracking

UWP Native API – Public Release

After a series of tests and adjustments, following the feedback received from the UWP Native beta release – last November, SDK 8.3 is now fully prepared to offer Native API support for Windows-based apps.

This addition means that the Wikitude SDK now enables both Native and Unity for UWP applications. Download the UWP Native API package to start developing using C++.

ARchitect based on Universal SDK

Wikitude has been making major modifications to its core SDK design. These efforts, which we’ve named project Universal SDK, have been important in the process of preparing our platform for the growing requirements and opportunities within the AR field. The results have been awesome and the project has already enabled Unity Live Preview, Windows support, and resulted in significant performance improvements.

With this release, we are revealing the next achievement of this project. SDK 8.3 is extending the Universal SDK to the JavaScript API for Android and iOS. This expansion has addressed critical fixes and significantly improved the software core performance and stability.

Compatibility with Unity 2018.3

Unity 2018.3 introduced significant updates to the Unity AR Foundation. According to their release post, developers now have access to a new set of optimized camera image APIs. This new feature allows users to efficiently access camera images on the CPU. Therefore, ideal for developers that choose to do their own image-processing.

Wikitude SDK 8.3 is fully compatible with Unity 2018.3. Access Wikitude SDK for Unity to download.

Last release for Titanium

As officially informed on December 19, 2018, due to a drastic decrease in product demand, Wikitude will discontinue support for the Titanium Module. Appcelerator developers can learn more by accessing the Product update: Titanium Module post.

To ease the migration progress for our subscription customers currently using Appcelerator, we have included Titanium support in this SDK 8.3 release.

Support for Vuzix M300

Wikitude has been optimizing its AR SDK to support Vuzix Smart Glasses since early 2014. With SDK 8.3, we extended our platform to include AR support for the Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses.

The Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses were built for the enterprise market to deliver a hands-free solution for accessing, collecting and managing data. Developers can now use our SDK to create powerful Image Recognition AR experiences to improve workflows and other aspects of industrial, medical, retail and many other businesses.

Critical fixes and stability improvements

Parallel to our new-AR-feature development initiatives, Wikitude is also committed to delivering a high-performing platform to ensure our existing technology runs smooth, accurately and reliably.

Thanks to the feedback of our awesome developer community and our continued investments in stability improvements we were able to attend to many customer reports and implement critical fixes and enhancements in SDK 8.3.

Please review the release notes for an in-depth report.

Faster and more reliable Object Recognition, Extended Tracking, and Instant Tracking

At its core, the Wikitude SDK has an advanced computer vision engine that has been developed 100% in-house. Because of our independent development, the Wikitude team has total control and a profound understanding of every aspect of the AR platform.

With SDK 8.3 our development team has introduced a new CV engine version that was redesigned to perfect the performance of all tracker types, with a particular focus on Object Recognition, Extended Tracking, and Instant Tracking features.


The Wikitude SDK 8.3 release is delivering a powerful and even more stable AR platform to our developer community. Behind the scenes, however, the wheels are always in motion and our team is working on many cool features and updates. Stay tuned!

Download Wikitude SDK 8.3

Visit our store to select the ideal license plan for your AR project or talk to one of our specialists to discuss your specific AR requirements in detail.

Wikitude SDK 8.3 is available* for various supported platforms, extensions, and operating systems. Choose your package by clicking on the button below.

*Wikitude customers with active subscriptions are entitled to a free upgrade.

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