October 18, 2016

Industry 4.0: How Wikitude is powering the Internet of Things

Augmented World Expo Europe, 17th October, 2016

Berlin, Germany – If you’re a casual consumer, when you hear about the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), you probably think about turning on the heat in your home using your smartphone. If you’re in the augmented reality (AR) industry, like us, you think a little bit… bigger. If you want to see exactly how, drop by booth B6 at AWE 2016 in Berlin.

Why AR for IoT?
Here’s why we’re thinking bigger – and pay attention: Augmented reality is the visual bridge between the physical world and the digital internet. Enterprise and industry will use AR to observe, understand, and manipulate digital data and information on top of physical objects. And this isn’t playing games – this is doing work.
Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, is the current trend of automation and data exchange in the enterprise and manufacturing environment. Physical equipment like machines, vehicles and tools are increasingly connected to the internet, creating the aforementioned IoT.

As the volume of data produced by sensors increases exponentially, processing that information becomes more difficult. That’s one place Wikitude is stepping in – by creating tools to help people onsite build that visual bridge between the physical objects and the data available through the internet. In real life, that means workers on the ground can observe live production data where they actually occur, quickly monitor and identify problems, and receive immediate solutions and instructions on how to solve them.

Different AR technologies for different use cases

At the core of this capability is Wikitude’s 3D recognition and tracking – the tech that allows an AR application or device to identify a piece of equipment simply by “looking” at it with your mobile device. The recognition makes it possible to trigger pulling data and information from the internet specifically for this particular piece of equipment. This can be done completely markerless with Wikitude’s upcoming object recognition or with the help of any markers of your choice as seen below utilizing Wikitude’s extended tracking. Examples? The current temperature of the machine, the number of operational hours, or the time left until the next hydraulic oil change is needed.

Optional arbitrarily designed marker for identification and AR content enabling IoT

The tracking technology allows the information to visually ‘stick’ on top of the equipment in the user’s field of view – particularly useful for showing live data or when providing visual instructions on how to fix a problem or to fulfill a maintenance task. The augmentations can be as detailed as pointing out specific screws to be loosened, or instruct an untrained worker on how to drain old oil from an oil tank.

Working with the most common tech in the world: mobile

Wikitude focuses on providing augmented reality technology for devices that we all carry with us already, regular smartphones and tablets. It’s one less hurdle to leap over when enabling companies to quickly deploy solutions to their workforce. As powerful as a selected few devices with depth sensors may be, their penetration in the market is extremely small, making it unviable for immediate implementation. Wikitude’s SDK works on iOS and Android operating systems, as well as on head mounted displays such as Epson’s Moverio and ODG’s R7, which are available today and allow people to work hands free.

Meet our Premium Partners and learn about AR for IoT

As we continue building computer vision technologies and tools empowering developers and companies around the world to achieve their augmented reality objectives, our circle of Premium Partners continues to grow. These go-to developers and solutions providers – such as Atheer, AllVisual, Itizzimo, Augmensys – can help you implement your IoT AR project.

If you want to learn more about AR and how it relates to IoT, drop by to see us at AWE 2016 in Berlin. Wikitude CEO Martin Herdina will present  When Pikachu meets IoT”, and CTO Philipp Nagele will present “An insider Deep-Dive into the Wikitude SDK”.  We’ll be at booth B6 with a few AR for IoT demos to show you how this incredible stuff works in real life – and will change how the future works.


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