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Hey Apple, what’s it gonna be?

Apple Augmented reality product

Since last year, Wikitude (and probably 100% of the AR industry) has been waiting for Apple’s BIG Augmented reality news.

Tim Cook talks about AR in pretty much every interview he gives, 
Apple has won several AR patents and acquired different companies in the AR and computer vision sector (Metaio, PrimeSense, Flyby Media...). Latest news from UBS say Apple has over 1,000 engineers working on augmented reality for the iPhone in Israel.

So it’s no secret that when Apple makes a move this year it will have a profound impact on how we consume AR in the near future. Having that said, we still don’t expect to be buying an Apple iGlass for Christmas this year or seeing a new ground-breaking device anytime soon in an Apple store.

So Apple, what’s it gonna be?

As pioneers in the Augmented reality industry, we’ve seen a lot in the past 9 years… so much that we even have a few guesses on what Apple’s AR path might be. You can read all details in this article, but in short, here is Wikitude’s take on Tim Cook’s AR plans:

  1. Make AR available for all iPhone users, old and new
  2. Create a “Google Tango like” device
  3. Surprise the world with an AR device other than an iPhone
While we’re all excited to learn what Apple’s route will be, we would like to tell you dear developer, marketer, decision maker(…) out there: don’t wait! 

This is a reminder that you can already create mind-blowing AR experiences on any smartphone (Apple or Android), today. 

Wikitude SLAM feature: Instant Tracking

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What about you? What do you think Apple’s AR move will be?
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